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I make sprite comics, i listen to any rock type of music fav bands greenday linkinpark u2 mcr avenged sevenfold rage against the machine van halen ozzy ozbourne led zepplin ect.
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    Andrew Anthony
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i could just blow everyone here out of the water with heavily edited sprites that would look better than mine but nah im lazy =P
sorry about the crappy building
yes, but this isnt cool this is a disgrace to star fox
dude improve your comic making skills first this comic would get a 1.3 out of 10 from me
panels are way to big x.x
still accepting cameos?
asking to join now this is fucking win
i have the ultamite card max CHUCK NORRIS! -shot-
your military order is wrong lieutenant, general, sergeant, captain, corporal,then recruit is the order
you do know i can read what you said in white right? .-.
this diserves a 5 fav and epic win medal
hey i remeber you from dd
do i hear a metal gear awesome 2 ripp off