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Interests: Anime, Cosplay, Marvel movies (Thor in particular), X-Men movies, Drawing.. DEADPOOL!!!

Likes: Music (Ghost Town, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin..)

Hobbies: Making costumes for cosplay, Reading fanfics, (Both when I have the time..)

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this is the best thing i have seen. XD
May 16th, 2015
I didn't see bolded letters~
he spoke his mother tongue! X3
...mother tongue...mother...tongue.. sounds funny XD
Can we all take a moment to appreciate that majestic statue in the first panel?? XD
dat japanese dialogue tho XD
THE TAG. >_<
must..fix...whenever i see tags in real life i fix this case i cant...i bothers me..but doesnt... huehuehue ;~;
nicely done as always~
ive noticed..that Joa's sticking out again...
i want to fix it... =_=''
huehuehue ( o 3 o) ..i see what you did there..

anywayss... just started reading this lovely webcomic. and you are doing a fantabulous job! cant wait to get to the latest posts..but then i have to wait for updates.. ;-;
Again...I know the pages are way past this but what if Naruto told Minato about this little date that he would somehow find out about going on between Itachi and Kyuubi?? >~>
Kyuubi logic XD
Neji should be a model XD
Hinata on the other hand...dang..she's just so timid and shy, I'm surprised she went all out with that bikini ;D
I know this is probably really late but I just started reading this, love it.

Itachi's leg hold though.. X'D
September 26th, 2014
I believe it says that you have moved to another accound on dA. Sorry for being such a late comment but I just started reading Curse! and i would like to continue it. ^_^"