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Rei Chro's Description

Interests: Anime, Cosplay, Marvel movies (Thor in particular), X-Men movies, Drawing.. DEADPOOL!!!

Likes: Music (Ghost Town, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin..)

Hobbies: Making costumes for cosplay, Reading fanfics, (Both when I have the time..)

Ship those ships...
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    Rei Chro
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this is the best thing i have seen. XD
May 16th, 2015
I didn't see bolded letters~
he spoke his mother tongue! X3
...mother tongue...mother...tongue.. sounds funny XD
Can we all take a moment to appreciate that majestic statue in the first panel?? XD
Again...I know the pages are way past this but what if Naruto told Minato about this little date that he would somehow find out about going on between Itachi and Kyuubi?? >~>
Kyuubi logic XD
Neji should be a model XD
Hinata on the other hand...dang..she's just so timid and shy, I'm surprised she went all out with that bikini ;D
I know this is probably really late but I just started reading this, love it.

Itachi's leg hold though.. X'D
September 26th, 2014
I believe it says that you have moved to another accound on dA. Sorry for being such a late comment but I just started reading Curse! and i would like to continue it. ^_^"