Hey there, My name is MegaBoyX7. I make sprites and stuff, I also work on multiple web comics.
nice teleport sprite
@TimeSceo: its an intentional jab at someone and the sprites are based off their style
i got a penny for making megaventure
@RedBomber: we don't talk about that shit
@Megaboy: Oh shit it's Fakeaboy
Yes it is Proto Man Marco Polo 2, kill that boy before he finds a mate
put the To Be Continued logo here.
gotta love out of character personalities and simple recolors of other sprites
Sonic Died the way he lived, by bouncing into springs at rapid speeds
I like how you got his name wrong ;)
That background is hurting my eyes.
No not that Weeb Beta I was talking about actually good purple beta
Who's this RADICAL 4th Beta Man we have here?
So, I'm going to have to delay the next page for tomorrow.

I have something for all of those bothered by this image in the alt text.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Try using the shade of purple from the banner, I found s good one you can use.