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Hey there, My name is MegaBoyX7. I make sprites and stuff, I also work on multiple web comics.
What witch craft are they using
@MegaVile: i’m stuck in a power outage
You mean like a boss from a certain Mega Man fangame
*generic comment talking about how good and inspiring this comic is*
mega man has ascended to the rank of thot destroyer
@Guest: either you're walter and your doing a bad job disquising it or you are giving us good points to kick walter out
@MegaVile: 3 hours apart, new record
oh no
@MegaVile: :thinking: do you think that he's actually going to elaborate on that or are you just saying this because you need to write a sentence on every single webcomic
@MegaVile: he can though

why are you asking so many questions dude, it's just a webcomic.
@Mikey76500: proto's pink now
the plot thickens
oh boy, my favorite robot master!
Strong Independant Femenist Woman
nice teleport sprite
@TimeSceo: its an intentional jab at someone and the sprites are based off their style
i got a penny for making megaventure