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Hey there, My name is MegaBoy. I make sprites and stuff, I'm also really dead on this website.
oh shit this actually has a story nice
The only one I like is the one on the far right, and even that one doesn't look that good.
Cut Man secretly has an Irish accent and is judging everybody else
Howdy Yall
It's me MegaBoy, I'm here to announce that this showcase may indeed be coming back from the dead. I'm going to be making new comics in 2018 and I'm also going to be posting a lot of sprites! So for those who are still following Megaventure's infinite waiting period. You might get lucky! I'll see you all next year!
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The Camera Man is obviously the messiah of Cut Man's world. He sees everything that goes on, nobody notices him or his place in the world. And he records everything the inhabitants of his world do, for better or for worse. He can destroy them all in a simple snap, but he chooses not to because he records the footage of the world and sets it to be edited, to be formed to his will.

Yeah Hi, I beat MegaVile to his job.
What witch craft are they using
@MegaVile: i’m stuck in a power outage
You mean like a boss from a certain Mega Man fangame
*generic comment talking about how good and inspiring this comic is*
mega man has ascended to the rank of thot destroyer
@Guest: either you're walter and your doing a bad job disquising it or you are giving us good points to kick walter out
@MegaVile: 3 hours apart, new record
oh no
@MegaVile: :thinking: do you think that he's actually going to elaborate on that or are you just saying this because you need to write a sentence on every single webcomic
@MegaVile: he can though

why are you asking so many questions dude, it's just a webcomic.
@Mikey76500: proto's pink now