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Hey there, My name is MegaBoy. I make sprites and stuff, I'm also really dead on this website.
Hippity Hey Howdy
This here is my character, Tone! He's pretty epic.
the hiatus is finally over
@ThatOneEnderMan: too late, he died of starvation
you guys do realize the only reason i haven't continued this is because you told him not to go outside right?
truly the end to a great franchise
it's been a great hiatus, but we've skipped 69 chapters and reached the end of the series.
@MegaBossMan: That's cyberbullying
I love Cut's Corner so much.
I'm glad I'm one of the only people still reading.
Now it's four months.
@Angry Comic Game Nerd: you’re right, when I was updating this I could have done better. This felt like failure, but I was basically trying to do an RPG rip off kind of thing anyway.
actually delete this though. don't archive it just delete it.
Satanist Cut Man is amazing
This choice matters a lot
Will you explore a whole new reality, or stay put here?
You may want to do something different now.
Object List
-Gay Wall
-Look out of the window
-explore the rest of the house
What are you going to do?
Go after that fuck face?

Don't bother?
Object List and Credits
-Gay ass wall

Credit goes to Uranium for making the art for this panel.
also >all the characters are only able to say one scentence per panel for the next 15 pages
>Tone, blow up and die forever so you don’t havd to live hrough this shitty experince.
Object List
-Shitty Mattress

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