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A revised work for a previous client. <3 Had fun with the steampunk style.
2nd batch of designs for a client.
Some quick character designs for a previous client.
One of the finished designs from my earlier monster sketches.
Some monster designs for an older visual novel game. <3
Another pack of sprite sketches for a visual novel project. <3
Some sprite designs for a visual novel project. <3
A closeup view of the Dream Eater design. <3
This is a final character design for a school project. <3
I had a lot of fun with this character design. <3
Another character design <3
A quick character design I made for fun. <3
Played with some traditional ink for Halloween last year. <3
Some quick watercolor studies to get the hang of the medium. <3
Digital painting of Reba. <3
A watercolor portrait from a live model. <3
Watercolor portrait of Hizaki. <3
Colored pencil portrait of Kaya. <3
Colored pencil portrait of Shou from Alice Cafe. <3
Colored pencil and charcoal portrait of Miyavi. <3