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Being lazy, sleeping in, video games, reading, making sprite comics (It comes and goes but it pretty much stays with me for a while.).
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    James Foster
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When I checked my favorites I though that there was a glitch or something when I saw this updated, haha.

A shame your not going to continue this but it's nice to know that you haven't given up on drawing entirely. I'll check out your new comic right now.
Haha, ah Scorch you just can't stop getting into...trouble? Or just random weird shit. xD

Also, your banner/picture thing disappeared on my favorites. It also happened to another comic I faved. Which means I can't go on 'em unless I remember the name. Is something up with smackjeeves?
Don't worry...
I'm still reading/watching. :3
If she farts, does it propel her forward or something?

I realize girls don't fart, but hey, whatever disturbs people minds ya know? xD
Same here
I usually ask something like that. Most of the time I say "Does it have naked women?". When they say no I then say "Then it's not interesting." xD
I know
I'm too nice for my own good. I got bored and thought about it and decided that it would make a mess, they'd have to pay to clean it, and then the cost for putting my carcass in a box while putting dirt on it in a hole. It's too much a hassle.

And I'd probably think about it again as soon as I was almost there too. Then I'd be in Hell/Purgatory/Heaven/Whatever and then say "!@#$."
But that's just me. ^^
Yay, justice boobs! ^^
Finally! Haha, I love this comic and I can't wait for more chapters. Good luck on it!
I think it's pretty good. the Zaraki cat is funny.
Zaraki is on the top 3 list of my favorite Bleach characters. He never gives up and he's usually covered in blood and doesn't care. It spurs him on or something.
Hotness and adorable! ^^
Hotness ftw! Very nice ^^.
September 11th, 2007
You guys forgot to add "FROOM!" too. ^^
September 11th, 2007
Know what this remind me more of? Bleach, and the fact that he has the black pupil, other color iris is like Ichigo's Hollow.
I've been saying the Captain Planet thing thanks to this. Everyone looks at me weird...well, more weirder now. I hope your happy. Nah, I'm just kidding ^^. My friends thought is was funny when I was playing videogames with them and lost and I got up and put my fist in the air shouting "I'll get you Captain Planet!"
Did you update because I told you that or did you update because you wanted to? The thought of it scares me...
Does she have...4 ears?...Eh, she's cute as Hell anyway.
Awww, how cute.
Haha, hug ninja. They hug you to death.
I have moments like those alot. I don't got no one to hug though.