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So I spent... more time than I'm going to admit trying to figure out what that weavile reminded me of, and it just now struck me: the animalistic slouch, the "done-with-your-shit" expression... it's a dead-ringer for the Charr from Guild Wars.

There's no purpose to this whatsoever, I just thought it was interesting.
This page gives me chills.

"Conditions should still... be survivable..."
...this page is giving me some seriously dark PMD flashbacks here.

Beautifully done, as always.
Milo used EXPLETIVE!

It's super effective!

Readers fainted!
"Fish, He."
Atticus' face in panel one just screams "I'm going to rob this place blind and won't feel a shred of guilt over it."
"Nobody did anything weird while you were out!" is my favorite way to wake someone up. It builds trust.
I am with Lopunny on this one.

I like Darkrai - he is sweet and innocent and probably has the best intentions, but he REALLY couldn't have made this sound creepier.
Jen: "It's time I reminded you fools that I'M the protagonist here!"
That is possibly the most unsettling fountain I have ever seen.
I don't like this guy. He seems like kind of an ass.

Set him on fire, Riley.
Darkrai finally solves his problems the way he always should have: by punching them in the face!
You successfully ambushed a half-asleep child a third your size while acting as an official representative of a humanitarian organization.

You're the real combat prodigy here, Hypno.
Oh great, there goes her gem.
Has anyone told you that your art has improved by leaps and bounds since you started? Seriously - your lineart is much cleaner, your characters more dynamic, and your faces more expressive than they used to be. Keep up the awesome work!

(Please note that I am not an artist, and that the above statement should not be considered a professional opinion. Consult your doctor before using random website comment.)
"I feel like I've given some really evil advice but it sounds like it's what you wanted."

This is the motto that I live by.
Please don't mention Aegis Cave. I spent entirely too long combing that place for "e" stones.
Props to Mewtwo - by informing the party, he denies the enemies their surprise round. So long as they don't drop the ball on rolling initiative, this fight could be over before it starts.
This is my problem with the whole "saving the world" business - I don't do mornings.

Why can't destiny ever wait until, say, noon-ish?
Riley, if that Hypno's expression is anything to go by, yours is not the first team to be horribly unprepared for even a basic inspection.

I think you'll be fine.
This begs the question:

Does Hoopa put a ring on everyone it makes a deal with, or is it just showing off? If the former, how does it get the ring on something like a Voltorb or a Grimer?

The mechanics of supernatural pacts cannot be overlooked!