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Well yeah, the difference between Rat and a normal Pikachu is pretty obvious: unlike Rat, most Pikachu (or Pokemon in general, for that matter) haven't had their hopes and dreams crushed by training under Atticus.

He really is the best trainer.
"This shiny rock makes me happy."

I like Milo.

@Little Vixen (Guest): I've been following this comic for most of those five years. It was a joke.
5+ years into this comic and we're only just getting the mandatory explanation of mystery dungeons?

Magnemite can sweat?
It's only know that I realize that we haven't really had any one-on-one interactions between Mewtwo and Wes yet.

It's only know that I realize how badly I wanted it.
Jen, as always, wins when it comes to faces.
See, what I'm getting from this conversation is that Abel and Rocket have some sort of prior agreement.

The idea of Team Rocket having control over the Storage System worries me.
Milo is a work of art, and is probably going to get himself killed.

I love it.
Hm... Mewtwo versus Rayquaza? Now there's a fight you could sell tickets to.

Not that I'd buy one... or want to be on the same side of the planet as that fight, for that matter. But still. Pretty sure there's a business opportunity there.

@WriterRaven: I was just having fun with the expressions on this page! I mean no insults to any OCs.

Besides, that Bayleaf definitely agrees with me.
I figure I'll submit a cameo request, just for shiggles.

Artemis the Absol (though I doubt the name will matter): female, a bit on the scrawny side, and with her horn broken off at the base.
I'm just going to say it: that Eevee definitely can't read. It has the look of someone trying very hard to look like they know what they're doing.
Darkrai busted down Butterfree's door just to have a stern conversation with Lovrina?

I'm less okay with this than if he had actually tried to hurt her!
The PMD universe, while advanced in many other ways, has yet to develop the study of statistics. As such, it isn't common knowledge that just because the two things are on the rise at the same time doesn't mean they're rising for the same reason.

Correlation does not equal causation, folks.

Their little eye patches will be missed.