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Malc Modnar
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This raises some... troubling questions about the protagonists of the previous PMD games.

What Darkrai's describing sounds an awful lot like dysphoria. That's a special kind of hell, feeling out of place and stuck in an unfamiliar body, and Darkrai's right to warn Jen away from it... but what about the player characters? They were dragged into this same fate by literal gods and didn't get this choice. If what he's saying is correct, they aren't leading happy lives - not by a long shot.
I can practically hear the dramatic, villainous soundtrack that is inevitably playing over a fourth-wall-breaking speaker somewhere off-panel. does Darkrai know what noodles are?
Wait, Mewtwo, you left out the part about the space station! And the giant robot lizard they tried to make first! And the sick early 2000's soundtrack! How could you forget about Crush 40?
This page gave me a headache, purely out of sympathy for Mewtwo.
This page is absolutely gorgeous.

Just... wow.
I'm getting some serious "ring-bearers in Mordor" vibes from these final pages.
Terra's has a bit of a "deer in the headlights" expression there.
Jen's about to open up a can of whoop-ass just for Victini, it seems.
Jen, I pray to Arceus you were at least a little nerdy growing up, because it's time to put those hypothetical platforming skills to use.
So I spent... more time than I'm going to admit trying to figure out what that weavile reminded me of, and it just now struck me: the animalistic slouch, the "done-with-your-shit" expression... it's a dead-ringer for the Charr from Guild Wars.

There's no purpose to this whatsoever, I just thought it was interesting.
This page gives me chills.

"Conditions should still... be survivable..."
...this page is giving me some seriously dark PMD flashbacks here.

Beautifully done, as always.
Milo used EXPLETIVE!

It's super effective!

Readers fainted!
"Fish, He."
Atticus' face in panel one just screams "I'm going to rob this place blind and won't feel a shred of guilt over it."
"Nobody did anything weird while you were out!" is my favorite way to wake someone up. It builds trust.
I am with Lopunny on this one.

I like Darkrai - he is sweet and innocent and probably has the best intentions, but he REALLY couldn't have made this sound creepier.
Jen: "It's time I reminded you fools that I'M the protagonist here!"
That is possibly the most unsettling fountain I have ever seen.