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Ahhh, good old Plan B: Traumatic Brain Injury.

Gets 'em every time.
And in panel 5, we can see the creative process for an average page of Victory Fire.

Not about the presence of a firearm - I can see the value of weapons in a society where some of its members can spit fire or melt brains with a stern glare.

My concern is with the DESIGN of the weapon, specifically, its grip and sights. The gun is clearly designed with a slanted pistol grip and trigger guard, shaped to fit a roughly human hand. While this works for humans, this design would be VERY difficult to use for most species of Pokemon. Sure, a custom-made version MIGHT, in theory, exist, but it makes far more sense that mass-produced firearms would have a generalized design, likely with some sort of lever trigger so it could be used with a wide variety of appendages.

The ironsights have a similar problem - that particular layout works by exploiting human binocular vision, which would only be useful for pokemon with a pair of forward-facing eyes. Pokemon with a different number of eyes, eyes in different positions (such as any non-predatory species likely has), or some other primary sense would find such a sight next to useless.

So while I like the idea of a more modernized PMD setting, I don't think something a complex as a semiautomatic firearm would be identical to one found in our world.

Is this a needlessly specific criticism? Yes. Will I continue to defend it? YES.

(Oh, the comic is still very interesting, by the way. I'm just obsessing over details.)
Ahhh, I'm loving these pages so much. The second-to-last panel in particular has a full range of confusion, from N (who's probably used to all this by now), to Jen (who I'm guessing understood none of that conversation), to Darkrai (who's probably thinking "haven't I done worse, and didn't they fix that too?").

Also, I'm VERY curious - who actually gave Mewtwo that charcoal? Because I'm pretty sure almost everyone there would've written it off as just another one of his quips...

...It was Jen, wasn't it?
Don't know what it is? Poke it with a stick. What's the worst that could happen?
"The underground bunker's what he cared about the most..."

I admit, I lost it here. This is so very, very accurate.
"So... I still get to kill them for stealing your stuff, right?"

"Oh, definitely. Fry 'em."
Can we PLEASE not trigger the Nightmare King? I like Pokemon Square better when it's not crater-shaped.
Here we go again...

For all his brainpower, Mewtwo does NOT want to learn from his mistakes, does he?
@sulfurbunny: Now you've got me wondering what Jen would've been like as a Mawile.

The words "significantly more terrifying" spring to mind.
Ah, the irony.

It was right in front of us.

It was right in front of us the whole time.

Damn, Holy. We never even knew.
Atty's gonna die.
Hmm... he -did- burn down a forest that one time, with more than a few people still inside. Pretty sure this isn't as bad.
And on that day, Topaz, true to her name, successfully conjured a cloud of topaz microcrystals!

Caution: inhalation of microcrystaline particles may result in long-term respiratory problems including, but not limited to, shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain, fever, darkening of the skin or nails, heart failure, and death.
And what better to come back to than Atty running for his life?