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A crime against nature... As a natural god... Lick on the Irony and savor the taste... BECAUSE ITS GOoOoOoOD!
He's a bit naive, isn't he?
It's not like anyone can just challenge him after he released all of his pokemon and easily get the title
@Goliath: Yeah, this is pretty much what I expected, the Catharsis of a complete lack of feeling guilty.
Oh no...
Oh no...
Bad feelings intensify.
Safe to say that I just was remaining with my mouth agape.
Holy sheet...
The Hydreigon with maximal frustration.
It will hate what it has to do.
Damn, it took me as long as Atty to finally get who she was!
Wee, it's back!

Definetely the dad
Yeah... Son Goku the defender of Earth Richard Butler...
Still a better learning curve than the guy who'se statue he accidently destroyed at the first day!
He really performs an URARARARARARARARARARAAH! on her buttons!
Shots fired
Well, "The enemy of an enemy is my friend" I guess?
My voice of Victini is that of a childish psychopath, the kind that stabs it dolls
@w0lfh4wk: That might have something to do with "Actions weigh more than words" to some.
Rumpy may be an asshole, but he kept his word. Chris... She is not even trying to give him an alternative and behaves like she owes him nothing.
The main problem I have with Chris is that she doesn't even try to solve the problem.
She could try to haggle or such stuff... Nay, she just goes "I promptly decide he is a bad guy and I don't have to keep promises with bad guys at all"-mode. And Rumpy is by far no Saint, he never pretended to be one, but the contract is actually pretty valid in my book, therefore, even if I'm considering him unpleasant, I am on his side.
The thing is, while Rumple may have given her the Shovel, she did dig the hole she's in herself
May both rest in peace...
Our protagonist is a complete wreck by now... Thanks to Gary Oak...