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Heya! 'm Lunney, nice to meet ya.

I may or may not post comics and the like on here becuse i can never finish one thing before i start another :'D

But I love reading comics, especially ones with not-so-typical storylines
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My god *removes glasses* She's a kazoo master. This skill will definitely save the world one day. for sure
> Also use the firepoker on the chimney to make a nice beat for the kazoo solo
September 30th, 2017
You know that's.. a very interesting way to look at it, honestly.
At first i was going to say 'But Rogio, the blue spirit balls led you to roamer and the others!' but really, who is the say whatever spirit that was didn't jsut want to see what would happen if they helped these tow dogs?
But still though, it couldn't hurt to just try. Maybe the spirit will be benevolent(or bored) enough to help, maybe it won't. There's no telling really.
> Headaches are the worst, see if you can use healing magic on yourself
September 10th, 2017
@Silver411: I suppose it could be seen as a little underwhelming, but i think his defeat happened more so because there's no one loyal to him anymore. He doesn't know that Ulfr is gone, but i'm sure it's safe for him to assume the females aren't on his side since he kept letting them be used, Rogio is gone, these two males are against him, Ronja is done with him, so really he'd still end up being defeated. I mean, he wasn't above killing his own father, so why would he think they're above killing him, ya know? Especially now that they see life can be better without him.
September 10th, 2017
okay i know i left a comment earlier but i jsut remembered, that last panel is super reminiscent of the first time we see Ronja in Asmundr when she's all grown up, remember? When she was asking the others if they wanted to race of something.
And honestly, i don't think we've seen her stand like that, so confidently, since then.
It's really good to see that she's back.
September 9th, 2017
Oh man so much happened right here at the end holy crap!!!!
This is a great contrast too, Ronja's getting together and finding herself again while Kargo and Roamer are falling apart. I guess the meteor tribe really was good for her, AND they'll have some new(and newish) blood in the pack so maybe they won't be stuck in inbreeding hell again.

I also wonder what's going to happen when Roamer goes back for Ronja... I have a feeling either Rogio is going to talk him down or go with him. But I also also wonder what Roamer's going to think when he discovers Kargo was telling the truth about her wanting a stay? I mean it doesn't cover up the fact that he kept a pretty massive secret but still. And then there's the fact that Ulfr AND Ranach are roaming around there now.

Also, I really hope at some point Ferah and Kargo stop treating Roamer like a child. I know he's younger and he's an outsider who's still 'pure' but he's an adult, he can handle stuff. I'm pretty sure if they told him Ronja was there earlier, he wouldn't have made them go right back in, he's not 'that' impulsive. And maybe also he would have been more willing to listen to Kargo saying she sounded the alarm and also talked to Ferah about what Ronja said. Maybe now that they'll see the consequences of keeping secrets, maybe they'll lighten up on it, I hope...

But any way, amazing chapter Kique!
> Ask the lily-frog-thing what it is

And that was a big update, and the new site colors!!!! are you gonna change it for every new chapter? :o
>See if the eldritch magic can make a broom fly
or if not..

Also!!! you got fan art!!!!! :D
I'm just imagining kimrick like "why is this my life, i shoulda just let the kid off." xDD

Im thinking Kylee's either gonna turn and kiss kimrick, or go smooch some other guy and kimrick's gonna get mad jealous.. and then claim it's not jealousy.
>Give CAN a greatest, biggest hug
>Tunnel Slides are always fun to go down
>Choose the blue bag, and what's that mysterious key?
> See if there's a satchel in the wardrobe
> Attempt to put the entire book in your pocket

you never know when you'll need dream stuff~
> Investigate the book labeled 'DREAMS'

(also heck ye first page \o/)
May 22nd, 2017
"The Viscountess has done nothing for us"
Uh huh, so you like the threat of being slashed in the fact at a moment's notice or left to the night beasts? I'm pretty sure Galti likes the reassurance! Jeez Ulfr...

I'm glad Fuss has some sense. I mean yeah Jonna provoked him but Ulfr's just being salty now.
May 19th, 2017
@NotelessFables: Hmm.. that's true I didn't think of that. That very well could have happened. After all, we've only seen Ranach and Rogio not interact with females, but they were both of high rank and lovers, so one of those could have made them immune to the forcing.

And yeah, I can see that about Ulfr too. I guess I'm looking at it from a perspective of someone who disregards taunts haha. He could have some some more patience though before lunging at her XD I'm starting to think that's just what dogs with bad tempers do (ie: Raimo and Ranach)
May 19th, 2017
I agree, Ronja's really shaping up to be a good leader so far. Maybe MT was good for her, despite her naivety at the beginning. Im really really proud of her.

What I'm not proud of ins Jonna and Ulfr. Jonna should not have provoked Ulfr when he wasn't doing anything and Ulfr should not have risen to the challenge.
I don't mean to say what he and the other males did was okay, especially when they could have chosen not to (after the first forced time), but it was really reckless and dangerous to provoke someone like that.

I honestly think Jonna is just hungry for revenge however she can get it, be it through trying to manipulate Ronja or praying to dark spirits... I hope this doesn't spell a bad time for our new Vicountess.