Heya! 'm Lunney, nice to meet ya.

I may or may not post comics and the like on here becuse i can never finish one thing before i start another :'D

But I love reading comics, especially ones with not-so-typical storylines
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I'm just imagining kimrick like "why is this my life, i shoulda just let the kid off." xDD

Im thinking Kylee's either gonna turn and kiss kimrick, or go smooch some other guy and kimrick's gonna get mad jealous.. and then claim it's not jealousy.
>Give CAN a greatest, biggest hug
>Tunnel Slides are always fun to go down
>Choose the blue bag, and what's that mysterious key?
> See if there's a satchel in the wardrobe
> Attempt to put the entire book in your pocket

you never know when you'll need dream stuff~
> Investigate the book labeled 'DREAMS'

(also heck ye first page \o/)
May 22nd, 2017
"The Viscountess has done nothing for us"
Uh huh, so you like the threat of being slashed in the fact at a moment's notice or left to the night beasts? I'm pretty sure Galti likes the reassurance! Jeez Ulfr...

I'm glad Fuss has some sense. I mean yeah Jonna provoked him but Ulfr's just being salty now.
May 19th, 2017
@NotelessFables: Hmm.. that's true I didn't think of that. That very well could have happened. After all, we've only seen Ranach and Rogio not interact with females, but they were both of high rank and lovers, so one of those could have made them immune to the forcing.

And yeah, I can see that about Ulfr too. I guess I'm looking at it from a perspective of someone who disregards taunts haha. He could have some some more patience though before lunging at her XD I'm starting to think that's just what dogs with bad tempers do (ie: Raimo and Ranach)
May 19th, 2017
I agree, Ronja's really shaping up to be a good leader so far. Maybe MT was good for her, despite her naivety at the beginning. Im really really proud of her.

What I'm not proud of ins Jonna and Ulfr. Jonna should not have provoked Ulfr when he wasn't doing anything and Ulfr should not have risen to the challenge.
I don't mean to say what he and the other males did was okay, especially when they could have chosen not to (after the first forced time), but it was really reckless and dangerous to provoke someone like that.

I honestly think Jonna is just hungry for revenge however she can get it, be it through trying to manipulate Ronja or praying to dark spirits... I hope this doesn't spell a bad time for our new Vicountess.
May 12th, 2017
Ahhh, I really love that these two are getting along! I wonder how long it's been, or if Rogio has ever just had like.. little playful stuff like this, you know? With no ulterior motives or wanting something out of him. This must really be a breath of fresh air.

I really hope he talks to someone about these nightmares though... I just have a really bad feeling that it's going to get worse...

Also I'm excited to see Rogio hunt. I don't know why, but I've always found their different hunting preferences interesting. I wonder if he'll be more stealth or brute strength.
May 9th, 2017
Is no one gonna mention Rhov's ear flop??
It's so cute, come on guys!

I appreciate this light hearted moment in the comic after that heaviness about Zilas and Rogio's nightmare. Speaking of that nightmare, I wonder if he's gonna open up to Rhov about it? Fjordor did tell him that he should take advantage of the moment of respite, after all. It'd also give Rhov a chance to learn a little about the nightbeasts since I don't think he knows much about them besides run from them.

Also, completely off the wall random question. But how would Ranach have reacted if he'd met Rhion or Jahla? Think he woulda tried to get them to come to MT? (I mean, I don't think he'd be successful, but it'd be interesting)
May 9th, 2017
Honeslty, I was just thinking about Night Beast!Rogio. As a person, I hate that he's having these nightmares, but character wise I think it's a really good idea for him to be traumatized or otherwise affected by that encounter with Ghoul Vesali(?) because that was the closest call ever. I'd also like if perhaps he starts seeing his beast self in water reflections around nightfall. Like how Roamer thought he saw Ferah in the lake, but it was a beast. Also it seems like this beast is more... beasty than last time. Hmm Hmmm

Anyway, moving on, Rogio's got some nice threats going on. It seems very 'him'
May 5th, 2017
Just gonna combine my comments for these two pages, but wow... that is an interesting reveal... I wonder why they're so few? Maybe war with the green aliens? maybe their reproduction rates are low? Or maybe they can't reproduce anymore (in exchange for being immortal)?
But yes, I agree this would be an interesting ark to learn about Khellir since we've never seen much about any of the aliens. But you know, I think it's kinda brave for Khellir to decide to live among the other dogs, you know? I mean, him and the rest of his species has been placed upon pedestals as gods, and now to show that they're really not gods at all, just technologically advanced.

@Kique7 Also, I have a question (I'm not sure if you've answered this before, or if it's Spoilers for this story or if it's a 'just because' thing). But why did the sky gods create the Akiulfr? I mean, what are they really getting out of it besides the joy of creation? I mean, I can see creating the Liulfr, they were supposed to protect the world by becoming the dominant species and could create a shield, hence why the greens stole them (i think). And this new species that Khellir is (can't recall the name) apparently has the ability to hold the consciousness of a god/humanoid alien without much confusion. But so far, we haven't really seen the Akiulfr do anything besides being able to talk remotely with the gods. Well, and that they can live apart from each other without dying. It's really making me wonder if the sky gods *can't* reproduce and that's why they've taken to making new dogs which is the next best thing I suppose.
April 10th, 2017
Man, that is pretty harsh... but Jahlas right. He hasn't done anything but keep secrets from her. Even in Asmunder, he went behind her back and sent Argierr away (granted, it did turn out better for him.)

Roghir needs to finally understand that he can't make life decisions for everyone and he can't keep punishing those who don't go along with his decisions by keeping secrets from them. I kinda feel like being controlling is a character flaw of his and being the Jarl/Leader of this Akiulfr pack hasn't helped that issue at all.

At this point, I think all he can do to fix his relationship with her is to help her find/send her to where the others are.
I just hope she lets him.
March 26th, 2017
Oh... oh my. So this spirit... it's a charge to even see if they HAVE the soul to give back? Wow.
Or perhaps, they will somehow force Rogio back, maybe show him more nightmares than he already has? Make him feel guilty for leaving Ranach? I wonder...
March 25th, 2017
As much as I love Ronja, I kind hope this happens too. I mean.. I'd HOPE she comes out alive in he end because i really do like her, but she does need some kind of consequence, I think, for just going along with Ranach and not even trying to listen to anyone or find out the history of MT until... well pretty recently.
But ah, I've noticed the spirits we've met so far don't typically lie outright, so maybe the Keeper will, in so many words, tell Ranach that Rogio isn't dead and he'll go into another frenzy search like he did for Ferah and Kargo.
February 18th, 2017
You know, as gruff as Roghirr was with Jahla in the beginning, I think he's really glad to have his sister back again. I haven't seen him smiles in.. well... a while. But man, it's shocking how much he looks like his father.

I just hope he doesn't try to manipulate her into staying against her true will... well, unless her true will IS to stay and she just feels obligated to go back hmm...
February 6th, 2017
I think they should listen to Ferah, honestly. She has very good intuition about others after all. There's a chance this guy is honestly being benevolent and, if he's alone, he might be a bit lonely.

Although... that might raise a whole new slew of problems when its time for them to go since he might try to stop them...

Ahhh i don't know, i just want these guys to at least once experience safety and happiness. Although it seems our boys might be getting some happiness soon, heh. Unless Fjordor walks in on them, haha.