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Heya! 'm Lunney, nice to meet ya.

I may or may not post comics and the like on here becuse i can never finish one thing before i start another :'D

But I love reading comics, especially ones with not-so-typical storylines
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I'm thinking either Tobias did actually know what 'getting laid' meant and was just floored that Carmelo even thought that's what happened.

either that or he thought about what his words could have insinuated, and the fact that he already thought Carmelo might be gay.
sometimes i wonder if Tobi is a like... 1800s englishman trapped in a 15/16 year old's body lol
@Despurr: omg this is absolute perfection
or should i say PURRfection
probably tobias: "dealing with these people is tiring"

I wonder if Tobi came to apologize for yelling? Or at least say he didn't mean to yell or something. though honestly i think Carmelo needed it yelled at him. sometimes you gotta hurt people's feelings to get them to see what the problem is, sadly.

Also i'm now calling carmelo 'catmelo' in my head cause of his eyes and the hiss.
oh jeez, im never gonna stop calling him that now.
Wow that was... intense. But you know, that's probably what he needed to hear.
Like Tobi said, I don't know WHY he needed to hear it form someone who's only been close with Rudy for one day, but well.

Although, I'm pretty positive the principal wanted to talk about what happened in the auditorium, so with Carmelo not being there it's gonna be a little awkward.
I mean I don't doubt Tobi'll just tell the truth anyway but she probably did want to hear both sides. She probably also wanted to ask Tobi about requesting 'punishment' hmmm.

I feel like Tobi's gonna get emotionally overwhelmed again.

head canon accepted; Tobi for a lawyer. lol

but seriously though, I wonder if she's curious about how proper and precise his speech is. Probably most teens she's had to deal with don't speak like that.

I'm also wondering like.. tobi looks really annoyed here. I wonder if he's annoyed because he's in this (probably) uncomfortable situation and was almost attacked, or if he's legitimately angry at carmelo for exacerbating Rudy's poor mental state. Maybe a bit of both?
Or maybe he's just tired of carmelo's shit.

also im high key worried about rudy. stuck between emilio and mr. edburt. literally.
The list of things I don't like about Tobi's father continues to grow.
I'm so supremely happy Tobi is in a public school and has his uncle to tell him how things really are and not this non sense his father spouts.
Can't believe Karen...

But at least nothing too bad happened? Tobi's still having a terrible start to his day though, and Mr.Edburt/another Grey Demon is already lurking about.
All of these poor boys need a vacation and a good nap.

no demons, no nightmares, no homicidal fathers
just fun in the sun.. wait no, the sun is too hot, go further north.
i think this might be a similar situation as the teacher in the autitorium; picking which characters to focus on in a scene. Otherwise you might end up drawing out a scene for too long and boring the reader.
Oh god, did he forget they're in an office with an adult nearby?? If Carmelo wasn't in trouble before, then he sure will be now.

I also hope they don't see Tobi's knife, that'll be troublesome if they call his parents...
yeah Carmelo but all your touches are punches so i mean

Huh... I wonder though. If this flare of jealousy will cause Carmelo to try to get Rudy to like him instead of Tobi. Thus stop beating him up all the time.
Tobi might have inadvertently helped Rudy out.
I'm noticing a trend; any time Carmelo interacts with Tobi he ends up embarrassed or freaked out and it's hilarious.
But lord, Tobi, your word choice xD

Also Carmelo's trying so hard to insult Tobi and it's just... not working at all. This probably backfired more than he thought it would lol
oh thank god i was so worried something bad was going to happen, but look! a bonding moment!
Though, i do wonder if he really means that or if he's saying what rudy wants to hear... hmm....

also how much do you wanna bet rudy's little brother leans out the window and yells "gaaaaaay" or something like that. I feel like he'd do that lol
my body is tensing up so much. this can either go kinda okay or really freaking bad and i have a sinking suspicion that its gonna go bad.
i just feel someones gonna end up on the pavement
oh god what if rudy pushes tobias away and the truck goes over a bump and tobias falls out but since rudy is having a breakdown right now (and is probably hurt by tobi) he doesnt try to catch tobias like on the stairs hhhhh
I feel like... this is a very VERY dangerous conversation to be having in the open bed of a moving truck.... just sayin

I'm also more an more thinking Ben had some sort of weird... possession of Rudy and somehow put him in a mindset where he'd go along with whatever Ben said.
Yeaaaaaah you and me both tobi
you and me both...

And im growing increasingly concerned about what this favor is that involves carmelo
i mean.. the last time Rudy spoke of carmelo and had this crazed look was way back when he said he'd send carmelo a video of him killing himself so....
where's windows troubleshoot when you need it
I'm like 99.98% sure that wasn't the right thing to say at the moment but uh... i mean... at least he was honest?
Oh boy, Rudy is terrifying me right now I've only ever felt this uncomfortable when we finally saw what Tobias's Father's eyes looked like. (I was seriously shook, i couldn't even look at that page for more than a few seconds. god his eyes were so weiRD)

But! But Tobias said 'not yet' not 'never' so at least he's thinking that friendship could maybe happen at some point??? I just wonder if Rudy's gonna last that long. From that look I'm gonna go with probably not.
I'm praying to whatever entities may or may not be in this universe to please let tobi enjoy this moment not have the truck hit a large bump in the road to send him flying out of the truck

...i probably jinxed it lol

also that scenery is beautiful holy heck
That's... interesting.
I wonder if... if Ben is who changed Rudy?
I have a few theories floating around in my head.
One is that Ben is the one providing Rudy with those death films and maybe sparked his interest in death and they moved because they wanted to get Rudy away from whatever that influence was. But then why is he holding on so tightly? Did he have some kind of weird possessiveness over Rudy?

Either that or Ben is the one that made Rudy suicidal in the first place and that IS a weird possessive grip. Maybe he made Rudy feel like he couldn't tell anyone what Ben was doing, I don't know.

But that is a painfully tight looking grip. At first glance i thought that it was as close as they could get to holding hands without actually holding hands. But then i noticed how pronounced the knuckles were and.. yeah. Something's up.

But in either of these scenarios, I wonder why Rudy didn't change his number... or did he and Ben got it again.

This is very interesting.

Edit: Wait hold up there's bruising right under the edge of Rudy's shirt o-o So Ben was doing something to him.