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Heya! 'm Lunney, nice to meet ya.

I may or may not post comics and the like on here becuse i can never finish one thing before i start another :'D

But I love reading comics, especially ones with not-so-typical storylines
October 8th, 2019
Goodness me, sounds like we've got Eso part two going on here.
this herd really doens't need another Eso
OOF that's a critical fail on that potential bonding moment.
This is honestly amazing! I've always enjoyed this kind of content but it's so hard to find, especially looking as good as this does!

I'm very interested in seeing where the rest of this story goes, great work so far!!
I'm trying to figure out is tobi's last expression is a "Alright, i'm gonna TRY to be open" or a "Fine, you wanna know so bad?" or if that's the look of someone about to just shut this whole potential bonding moment down.

I get Rudy's frustration though, that's a wild rollercoaster just to get nowhere.
Hmm.. I feel like Carmelo will get insanely jealous, but idk if he'd go after them right now or not cause there are a lot of conflicting factors. Yeah, Carmelo has like zero impulse control, but then there's him being uneasy around Tobi (for good reason) and not wanting to make Rudy hate him more.

It's all up int he air here. And I guess old habits die hard with Francis, even after being tormented by edburt.
This is gonna be an interesting interaction. i think the last time francis saw tobi was when he went all edburt-darkness on him.

i wonder if he's gonna be mad, scared, or just nope outta there.
Oof, can anyone contend with adam? I'm really doubting it. This kid's got insults for days and not afraid to use them, even if they're lowblows.
I'm honestly really excited to see these two interact more and see how their dynamic changes, both the progressions and regressions.

I especially wonder what'll happen the next time Emilio forgets his medication(if that happens). Will Tobi be more willing to deal with him knowing that he's not being creepy for the sake of being creepy or will he still recoil? Especially since Tobi's slowly getting more people skills.
I feel ya tobi lol.
But hey, at least you know that if Emilio loves you he's doing it with all his heart so that's something.

God this is so cute too. Look, his little hair curl even turned into a heart, aww. How'd Emilio get so cute.
Makes sense to me, definitely a golden page.
Things Tobi probably needed in his life;
!. A mom like Rudy's
2. A dad like Emilio's

And I just noticed the little cat ears and tail she has, awww. This page is precious.
I really love Rudy in the first panel, it jsut makes me heart so happy. I'm always down for some happy Rudy.

Although.. dark Rudy is pretty interesting too hmm..
Can i just say i really love this whole sunset scene? Its really pleasant despite the serious talk.

Also hope your holidays were relaxing!
well, i guess this explains why he's so flirtatious... you only live once after all ;-;
Honestly, I wonder that too a lot.

Like do people other people see the black fluid and the changing eyes and all that or do they just see, ya know, regular body fluids?
Those Eyes.......
I don't udnerstand them. What do they mean???

Also who is this, it's not luther or lucas, but Matthias calls him uncle... so is this another brother that Luther didn't tell us about?

oops. i might have to go edit that comment. I don't want folks actually legit trying to make a living or whatever be bombarded by random calls.

wait really? o-o
i was just bs-ing something dumb, wow.

For exactly $0.00 a day, mr. edburt could not recreate traumatic experiences in rudy's life that he really doesn't need to experience again because god dammit he needs a friend that's not manipulative.

call now at 1-800-BAD-EDBURT
(i don't think that's a real number now??)
please let this snap tobi back in please please please
mr evil grey demon edburt needs to go home and stay home.

I've always wondered though. Do the other characters notice when Tobi's eyes change or is it just a cue for the readers? I'm kinda thinking it's just for the readers cause I'm pretty sure with how observant Rudy is he'd notice tobi's eyes weren't their usual icy blue. And, ya know, that he's being a lot more touchy feely.