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Marvin the Paranoid Android
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I'm glad I'm not the only person who does this.
My theory is the spoon is being framed by the spork.
I can't stop thinking of Alcatraz Smedry now.
Looking at an anime\manga with those must give people migraines.
"We must follow the web of inter-connectedness, Macduff!"
-Dirk Gently
Now this. THIS is Nightmare Fuel.
I wonder what effects exposure to post-modern\meta-fiction works would have.
Manipulating the all-powerful force that controls your very existence?
Well, if Candace Flynn can do it, so can you guys.
Sneaky prepositions believe the best should be saved for last.
I think I know another protagonist who'd like a scar removed.
They must get a lot of megalomaniacs who want undead armies. Or sitcom makers who don't want to pay actors.
When are these grammar nerds going to realize that not ending sentences with propositions makes dialogue sound wooden and robotic?
If you're incorporeal, then how're holding the mask? Explain that, Miss. I'm-So-Smart.
How many times is this that Susan's impulses have come to bite her in the bottom? I lost count.
I have a theory...
@Alexis_Royce: Yeah, I've edited the page myself.
Sorry Anna and Susan; Emilie is stealing the show once again for being so hilarious.
Man he's good. For his next trick he's going to predict when a gun won't fire.