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Majin Tobias
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    Majin T. Kedamoki
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I know you only update once a week, but it's been nearly a year and they've still been on Flying Battery Zone. Is this zone anywhere close to its end?
Did Metal Sonic really not see this coming??
Tackle first, ask questions later
When was this made
Blaze? Holy shit it's Blaze!
Tac is that character from Kirby who always steals your abilities from you.
Broken can still, in this sense, mean incomplete. Katai is fixing and remaking her own soul so she can become complete, on her own.
Megane Shard. Somehow makes her cuter than she already is
Is Shard wearing glasses?
HOly shit this thing is alive
@The Wonderous Kitsu: Oh good so I wasn't the only one
Well all I can say is congratulations on being comfortable enough to come out with it. I can't say I know how uncomfortable it was for you, but if you're good now, then that's good. Right?

Wait why do you have 2 different profiles??
"Hello, I would like to know if you are interested in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ"

"Hello, I'm a traveling salesman, I offer you volcano insurance. You may not know this, but a volcano is heading right this way!"

"Hello, I'd like to borrow a cup of sugar"
Fun. Had I still been here, I actually have an answer for this one
This reminds me of how Aerith woke Zack up's actually over. I mean sure I was looking forward to seeing how it ends, I can't belive Katai's actually dead too. Rupph finally got what she wanted, though it makes me wonder. Was it all worth it?
Majin Tobias
April 8th, 2013
So I take it she calls that one the Final Shock? Final Blast? Can't be Final Flash, that's already copyrighted by Vegeta.
I think they can. Since Niv's in charge of the Danger List, chances are if Zman gets the boot, she'll be in charge of the questions as well.

Or she'll appoint one of you nutjobs to do the list. *maimed*
Majin Tobias
April 2nd, 2013
I believe we've reached the end of this fight. And as we all suspected, Rupph is going to lose.