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I love video games,books,drawing,marvel comics,creepypasta,classic rock, and food :3
Oh and don't forget the cats
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Yaaay grumps :D
And som con fun
@Spooks: my parents weren't much older when they had me so I know how you feel
Yay Neko's back :)
And a graphic design job?
Sounds bloody AWESOME good luck
I returned a bag of groceries
Accidentally taken of the shelf
Before the exparetion date :)
Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
@thunderbolt123: peach has extra one-ups
You even added that goofy ass grim reaper from kid iccarus
i like this ship
Link x Samus verry nice
@kevansevans: your picture adds so much to that comment
I hope you're proud of yourself you've successful ruined fall
B A Select Start
Sorry had to finish it
I read the endings in the narrator from pokemons voice
Also victory in road form is just plain genius
All assocks words at triple forte
Beautiful magnificent and lesbian 10/10
Yay! More updates
I love assock and Hero just watching them fail lol
@Ultimate Yoshi: what does the Poe collector do with poes?