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I am a graphic designer/cartoonist. Huge Super Mario fan! It has been the biggest influence for my artwork.
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    Justin Sousa
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@Danny8bit: lol thats awesome. I like how u had mario refer to the pun as being bad in the next page too lol
Awesome wallpaper!
Dat bowser butt chin doe.
A great ending to the first issue. Though i think bowser was introduced too soon. Perhaps you could of waited a couple more issues just so mario and luigi would have more time to meet the princess. It would of helped build up even more suspense for when it came to meet Bowser. Or maybe you could of started off the series with the mario bros. at their house. Just so we could get a look at where they live and what not. Kind of like in Paper Mario. Just throwing my opinions out there. This is still very great! I cant wait for the next issue! I hope its based on Super Mario Bros. Or continues on with Mario Bros. if thats how your planning to sequence each issue. Either way you guys are doing an awesome job!👍👍
@Jixar: hmm 8 other airships.. man i wonder who they could be lol 😉😂
Most likely its donkey kong. Pretty sure its donkey kong.
@Guest: thats what im trying to figure out
@Miss.Moonlily7: lmao !😂👍
This is where King Koopa kidnaps Princess Peach and thus the Super Mario Bros. are born
Ohhhh shitttt its bowser
@Nero: i agree. I thought she was frightened rather than excited judging from the way she looks. And honestly i dont how the fact that monsters are living in the castle pipelines would get her excited!
I like this ballsy version of toad. Gives me hopes for him when and if you guys decide to feature plot lines based on super mario bros. 2
@Danny8bit: i see why James did that. Cool idea
@The Cheese: i didnt even notice that until i saw your comment
Love the way mario looks in the 3rd and 4th panel lol
Why are the stairs flat?
I was wondering what that green blob was in the first panel
It would of been awesome if you guys made it so the enemies would change colors and become angier like in the mario bros game. Then have them attack the bros again in a second round. Or you could of just included their color variants along with the originals.