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Why? You're here to see my comics...aren't you?
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Wake-up Call
Been inactive for a while again so had to 'wake' up get started again.

This be the final comic that will only be shown on Smackjeeves. Joriss will have a second home on my personal website
The Nether Games (part IV)
Yes, it ended way quicker then I thought...on the other hand I did image it would be.
Final Heaven
Out of nowhere, I was suddenly able to get my hands back on my favorite game of all time (yeah FFXIII was okay but not 'that' great).

Mind my english, for it is lousy but well meant.
That's right!
Message me for all the info!
This is what you get when you and a buddy are still awake late at night and they talk about this silly comic.

Joriss is missing a leg, oh dear...
The Nether Games (part III)
Meh, I knew I should have stayed in bed this morning
Flo The Ninja
While checking out some old sketchbooks for interesting stuff to scan, I come across Flo the ninja! An old idea that has gone wasted away.

Flo be awesome!
March 10th, 2010
Away From Keyboard
I did wanted to do a FFXIII comic in advance before it's release didn't happen.
Anyways, been playing FFXIII so no updates are coming anytime soon (unless I beat the entire game pretty fast...)
Fun game so far, but no FFVII by a long shot.

Sazh is da shit!
The Nether Games (part II)
You figure it out!
Read This First!
After checking out some random comics on smackjeeves, I just realized how awesome I am!

Now as a reminder, this is the first comic any newcomer should read!
(and yes, I have a long neck...)
The Nether Games (part I)
Meh, I have no idea where I'm going to with this. Maybe I'll just do the Lost-effect, all questions and no answers.

In a way I'm very ashamed that I googled a cheesy image instead of making one myself, but the result is nice so...yeah whatever...
Time of the month
Yeah so I had an entire dialogue for this the end less is more.

Oh photoshop, I love you and your funny ways.
You Can Sleep When You're Dead
What you'd mean you don't talk to your coffee or other drink that makes you feel better?!
More Codes
If Actionscript wasn't bad enough, there's also php. Or whatever you have to call it.
When it comes down to that, I'm more clueless then a blond chick with big breasts and a tight behind whom's answer to everything is "Like What' evah!".

People who understand php-code should know that there's no hidden message in this comic what so ever. In fact, if you use this php then changes are big that your computer will simply crash.

Lovely weather we're having by the way...
December 30th, 2009
Flash still sucks, and one of the reasons is because I can't get the hang of the bloody actionscript and such (then again, I don't spend my free time learning it).
However, I try and have some fun with all the code-stuff so whenever I can, I add some sillyness to it!
In my dancing school, somebody one night handed out fortune cookies for the holidays.
What you see is what was my fortune. Typical...
There was also a dutch translation which said my affection would come from a male. Meh...

Joriss is holding glŸhwein, aha!
The Perfect Gift
Tough to make such a silly book, but what the hey.

Can't go wrong with cookbooks! Everyone in the family got one for christmas!
139. Another Christmas Card
And grand wishes to all!
Flash Sucks
I respect people a lot who can work with Flash, because I sure can't. It bloody sucks.

Took me ages to do something in Flash that I can do in less then five minutes in After Effects...and I don't even work with After Effects!
Don't Mess With Us
Like I said a few comics before, don't bitch about other people's work if you can't do it any better yourself!
Especially not if you're a dickhead!!!