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Huh... There are some tiny traces of feathers in there... Well done.

It's looking bad ass too!
May 31st, 2018
OOoooooh GooooDD!!

The comic's been full of plenty of animal research, please, tell me this beast is gonna have feathers!!
@Nosh Ware: Off, that's a tough one.
I do have an idea for a possible sequel in my head, but as of now, I'm more focused into doing animations, so I don't know when I'll get around to it, if I even do at all.

Glad you enjoyed the comic though, thanks for reading!!
January 11th, 2018
Guess her father told her so little he didn't even mention how it was her mother that abandoned and gave her to him
December 15th, 2017
Stop calling her Shin Chan! The goddamn Crayon ShinChan keeps showing up in my head whenever you do!
December 9th, 2017
She's done it!
She has finally unlocked...
Ultra Instinct!!
@Koren: I... Huh...
Wait, what? How is a bunny here?
I know it's impossible but it would've been so perfect if it kept enlongating through the comments.
Comic Report
Pages: 180
Covers: 4
Time: 2 years-7 months-5 days
Genre: Action/Fantasy/Sci-fi
Element: Fire
Number of times rage mode was used: 3 and a half
Fallen partners: 2

It's so strange being here, I've spent so long working on this comic that it's weird to think that I've finished it.
Hey, guess that means I made my final year resolution!

Seriously though, thank you guys, wheter you read while I was uploading, or you're someone new that just found the comic and came in, thanks for reading!
He'll go on to live many more adventures, and maybe one day, meet up again with his friends, but now, his destiny, has been accomplished.
Oh god guys, it's hard to believe, it's over, it's finally over!! After 2 and a half years, Destined Flames has come to an end!!
Ok, normally I'd keep the streak of descriptionless pages the latest have been earning, but there's one fact I want to point out about this one.
We've finally reached page 150.
The thing is that, originally I thought the comic would be around 150 pages long, that at this point I'd be already packing up as the story would be ending.
It's not too far off, but still, I was wrong, we still have some more to go.

Of course, part of why I was wrong is likely the fact that I added stuff to the comic as it went on, I had no way to account for these when I originaly started, so of course I'd be some pages off due to those.

Still though, it's not the first time I get the final page count of a comic wrong, I originally thought Cretaceous Survivor would be around 40 pages, and look at it, it's 60 instead.

So... Yeah... Last time this happened I went to the script and counted how many pages were left from there... I'm... Not doing that now, the Destined Flames script is harder to count with than the Cretaceous Survivor one.

Still, I do have a mental estimate of how many pages left must it be now, but I think I'll still leave it a surprise. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong again.

But anyway, with all that said, see you all at the next page, where I'll keep the silence descriptions up until probably the very last one!
Oh boy, it seems like ou heroes are finally reaching the end zone, or, well... Dorago at least.
Was time to get a haircut!
Finally, we figure the goal.
I wonder if they'll load the map now.
Purple, purple, PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE!!
How did he even...!?
Just what's the point to it all.
I should really get better at backgrounds, that establishing shot doesn't look as good as it should.