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Okay, so.... I a french/british person, whichever suits me in the situation at hand. I like drawing, and reading, and climbing.... although I don't do it anymore because I have no one to climb with... stupid school timetables and holidays with no one around.... I tend to spend a lot of time reading various webcomics and books... Not really much else to say.
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Happy Birthday!
I know that feeling.... *shudder at thought of the three 1500 word essays she has too write for net week*
They Just love to heap it up on all of us don't they?
Good luck with it...
I must say... I love the list name... ahhh the things I would put on it...
This said, I have to say I like the shirt, though I can see why your glad to be free of it.
happy birthday!
*cowers in a corner* ha he thought of anger manegement *laughs nervously*
what's wrong with graphite? I like graphite... though it tends too smudge when i use it, but when anyone askes i say its done on purpose.... ^^
August 17th, 2007
now to work out who is the one most afraid in this situation: max who just been seen by the guy with the spanner(what's his name again?) or what-his-name who knows th previous events have been witnessed....
Bo the Peach sheep is very cute... *pets Bo*
AK is scaring me, the pie filling is going to eat us!!!!!*runs away*
..... sorry about that....
August 16th, 2007
Run away Max, Run away! Quick, before you have two ghosts asking for your help!
August 16th, 2007
It's a great helicopter.... I want one... then again, I can't even pass driving theory for cars, no way cold I use a helicopter.... oh well its pretty I could use it as decoration....*steals the helicopter and runs away*
I'm not sure I get why we are supposed to be horrified by googly eyes... then again it could just be me...
Really she should have known... what with witht he dwhite collar and cross necklacce-y think (which probably has a name) and the exorcist deal and well she should have known... I'm rambling again?
August 15th, 2007
Well... this looks like it isn't going to turn out very well....
You may not like the pahe but I do...
Arrgh.... There is nothing worse then french grammar.... I hate it, *sigh* but to be honest I never saw the point. Never had a single problem with conjugation in French til they started teaching it us in primary...
Very realistic french lesson though... lol
I love the narration in this story....
Yeay first comment!
You know he is really lucky to have a brother with good brotherly advice...
He has a lot to learn about people doesn't he?
I learnt something important tonight, don't read a whole comic in one go when its this long, I'm knackered but it was worth it...
Getting her out is a good idea, all that splashing of hers will scare the kelp fishies away ;)
So where do you buy a waffle hat? Why would you buy a waffle hat? Who cares I want one! lol