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I just wanted to say that this story and it's art are both beautiful. I really enjoy seeing both this comic and Cloe Remembrance having updates when I login to the site. Your comics are actually the comics I look forward to the most when it comes to updates. You have a really awesome style, good story telling skills, and a lot of talent all around. I hope that after you finish this story and enter it in your contest that you're able to print it and sell it. I know I would buy a copy.

Thanks for the lovely update. Caesar's pillow is so fluffy. ;3
When I saw Cristiano, I was like "Liam wears wife beaters?!"

And Brad Renfro is just perfect for Henry. Especially in the first picture. All he's missing is the freckles which can be easily added. ;3
Lawrence looks so wonderful on this page. -swoons-

And yes, I would totally (eventually) buy a copy of this comic if you printed it because my parents are less afraid of buying stuff over the internet now. I hope you decide to print them.
March 21st, 2008
At first I though they were those little white things that when thrown to the ground make a popping noise, except, they were gently placed on the ground for unsuspecting feet. DDDD:

And then I realized they were firecrackers. xD
February 26th, 2008
I didn't see udders on it a few pages ago! xD

But I love this comic. I just happened to find it yesterday and I just had to fav it. Wicked awesome. Keep up the great work. ;3
:'3 I like this page. Jade is toying with Trish.

And what a coincidence. My birthday is Sunday. Happy Early Birthday. ;'D
Jade looks so cute in the first panel that I wanted to cry out of joy. ;D
I like how the second panel is in sepia. :'D

Keep it up.
I almost cried when I saw that.
I'm loving the new layout. :3
And I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Jade blushing. :3
When I saw Ed, I snorted extremely loud.