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@RedX73: Of course. When DT doesn't work Weed does. He even had the flashback and everything.
I love DT's face in the top panel :D
Wooo I got first!

Also, it looks like he's in trouble
Wardrobe malfunction?
How did the hoodie become unziped? If it stays that way he's gonna be in a lot of trouble with the law.
That is one strong toe claw.
Also, first?
I think dragon thing doesn't like being called a lizard. Just look at her face.
@Auron: When was she potentially violent during pewter city? I read all of it a month or two ago, but I don't remember all the details.

I wouldn't say I have a great understanding of the subversive personality(so correct me if I'm wrong), but if one of the signs is "You question everything and have doubts about what people tell you" I'm going to have to disagree. George just doesn't seem skeptical enough to me. I also think you'd have to assume George's actions are a bit more deliberate than I'm inclined to believe.

The way I see George's character right now is that she's a lot closer to a young and naive person who, in many cases, just doesn't know any better (like putting an eevee into a microwave). We don't know much about her childhood except that she went out into the world when she was at most 14 years old.

I agree that tsundere wouldn't fit, but not because of how closely she follows him. A tsundere character could find some rationalization to 'justify' it. Perhaps saying that they might as well travel together since the're going the same way, etc.

I just looked at their 'date' if that was George showing him around town, and while I agree it shows she's interested in him I'm seeing zero Yandere.

I don't think Tsundere, Kuudere, Dandere, Yandere, or any of the other tropes I can think of fit well with George.

Do you remember if George ever found out about Mana taking care of George?
@Auron: How is George a yandere? Or are you just using the term to mean she has a lose screw somewhere?