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The person who wants to make it impossible for criminals to escape.
Well, he's fucked.
Wait, who?
Mr. Burke? The guy from Fallout 3?
Conversion rates.
@jolt99: And a pound is about $1.57.
I think that I believe so...
@BattleStarX: That's not the Yen symbol or the Pokemon money symbol. That's the British Pound symbol, I believe. 10,000 British pounds is currently $15,700. In the real world, massed produced mountain bikes are like $350. Custom racing bikes are like $2,000 or more.
That fucking Oddish is so fucking happy... I LOVE IT!
@Ultimate Yoshi: Ah thanks. Had the wrong email set up with my account then.
Forever and ever and ever.
What was the previous comic?
So basically there's a blue spy in the base, huh?
Where's a pyro when you need one?
Jesus, the Kirby franchise is older than I am...
@Koopa1018: That is correct sir. Adding to the Trope page.
That guy's account has been deactivated so justice exists on the internet. There's that.
@Ultimate Yoshi: Yeah, sorry about the tone. I didn't mean to make it sound rude. Right now I'm on a binge with this comic and I found it hard to jump back and forth between this and KDA. For future read throughs (that's not a real word...) of this crossover, I saved every page of BSX's pages and yours in a folder so that the story is in the correct order. It took a while and I was kind of rushing through it and making comments without thinking. I know that comics on Keenspot can be edited and reloaded without causing problems to site or comic navigation, so I figured I would just quickly point out mistakes I saw as I went along in case you able to (and want) to fix them.

Whoo. Okay, sorry. I'm long-winded when I'm not in a rush. XD I'm kind of annoyed that I'm not notified when I receive a reply. I kind of just stumbled on your reply to me when I looked at your profile for your other webcomics. Are we notified when we receive a reply; am I missing a feature that SmackJeeves has installed?
OH SHIT! You're a Let's Player as well?! Holy crap, that's awesome!
Did we turn into Erfworld here?
What happened to not being arrogant, Kirby?
You're taking this whole "my old friend must've been brainwashed" thing really well Vezo...