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An artist who likes to drink tea and sleeps way too much. Also eternally broke. :I
Sorry for the delay on the page, someone gifted me a hella bad cold and I'm still not completely over it x_x. Anyway, Leo needs to keep his thoughts to himself lol.
@NikuComics: Aw thank you so much ❤❤
Look who I finally got to draw again. Leo, I missed you buddy!

Other Art stuff:
Insta: DaydreamNoise
Tumblr: Star-Circles
This guy continues to be a suspicious binch.
More Art stuff:
Insta: Daydreamnoise
The loooong hiatus wasn't planned, I apologise for taking so long, I got burnt out on this and work has kind of been draining on me.

On another note I'm just using clip studio for comic drawing now so once again the style becomes inconsistent. ^^;;
More Art stuff:
Insta: Daydreamnoise
So after a long delay posting is finally happening again. My mental health took a hit at the start of the year and it made it really hard for me to do anything creative. However I've been working through it and can get back to doing what I love.

Thank you all for your patience. I'll get the Q&A done soon and post poll results as well.

This chapter is going to have me really out of my comfort zone with things I have to draw, the biggest being cityscapes OTL.
And that's the end of chapter 5, finally. x_x I'm thinking about doing another Q&A and a popularity poll in the next few days now that I am free from work. I will also probably try and do some commissions if people are interested since I'm tight for monies orz but w/e.
Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a good Christmas. This is very late orz. The company I work for doesn't want it's employees to have a life over the holidays apparently so I had barely any free time and was unable to see family or work on anything properly for a good while x_x but things are getting back on track and my schedule is clearing up now that things are slowly calming down at work (but it's sale season so things are still a little hectic at the shop I'm at D: )

Anyway, that's enough explaining and you wonderful people deserve an explanation for my radio silence. I'm sorry I was gone for so long. x_x

Never travel in a fantasy world without rations kids, Dungeons and Dragons taught me that
Work at all my time again, what with xmas coming up and all, I'm getting money, but no free time x_x.

Anyway, more Leo for every body, sorry he's putting on a shirt now.
I just found this comic today and I am already in love with it! Your art is amazing and I can't wait to read more!
Due to the holidays closing in, things have gotten really hectic at work x_x. Sorry for the delay again.
Apologies for the long delay x_x, Sickness has come to my home. But drawing Leo and this birb makes me feel better.
The Birb delivers a mysterious message.
Leo needs to take better care of himself. And an unexpected visitor has arrived!
Sword Son returns!
Re upload as the first time I tried the image wouldn't load. :/
Wow Aelodas just keeps getting worse, get your yandere butt out of here!
Things go from bad to worse. ;;;
Creepy King strikes again!