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An artist who likes to drink tea and sleeps way too much. Also eternally broke. :I
Re upload as the first time I tried the image wouldn't load. :/
Wow Aelodas just keeps getting worse, get your yandere butt out of here!
Things go from bad to worse. ;;;
Creepy King strikes again!
@KathyJDB: You're not a piece of crap for thinking that, honestly the way your reacting is completely fine since the kings actions also make me angry, and I'm the one writing it lol.
Good news! I got a new job! Bad news is it's taking up my time. x_x Thank you for your patience everyone! <3
Ash misses Leo... And complains a bit.
Ash is back finally!
Akster's handwriting is terrible fyi
Saurana takes no one's shit.
Saurana is such a people pleaser, oh dear.
Ash has some demands.
Still getting used to the new way of panelling and how that effects how I do speech bubbles. x_x Nothing I do is consistent lolol...
I wish I was taller too Ash.

Fun fact that I can reveal about Völsung was that his human form was about 7ft, so Ash's height is a drastic change... He's not going to hit his head on any ceilings this time round.
Ash is rightfully upset at this, consent is important kiddies. Very Important. Aelodas gon LEARN!

Anyway sorry for the delay on some of the pages but Chapter 4 is done! Phew I hope you enjoyed it, I'm hoping to do another Q/A in the next few days and stuff and also am thinking about opening Commissions if people are interested. x_x ugh Moneyyyy...
@GreenCat42: Thank you so much for saying so! I'm glad you're enjoying it.
3 guesses as to who wants to meet Ash lolol.
Sorry for the short break you guys, I've been job hunting, which always sucks. (And playing D&D, which doesn't suck.)