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@Guest: Big ups, yo.
Honestly, I can't see Atty finding the drop in enthusiasm from Venus being anything but a godsend.

Maybe he'll be upset by the smell or something.
"Of course they don't actually die" said the author whose comic has very clearly and violently killed innocent Pokemon.
I dunno, I think that "cough, cough" sounded pretty sincere.
"Do that thing" means sit and be confused.

"Do that, do that thing" means destroy the enemy.
@sonics1030: *points up at my comment*

Not even when you're crouching!
...Ya know, for something apparently so precious to fairs, you'd think it wouldn't be so... fragile.
Everybody! Everybody!
Straight-faced Arachnicake almost looks like it could be a tewwific affwete.
Aw snap, looks like this story about a downtrodden young girl just became a story about a downtrodden fair!
...Yelling "Key change!" every time a song changes key seems like something you'd do to help out people who are a bit less musically inclined.

I mean, it works here because this is a silent medium and otherwise we wouldn't have known it had happened. Plus George just seems so amped for it, which is always great.
Is it unfair or inhuman?
Woah, this is a new expression.

It's so strange seeing Atty actually seem passionate about anything, even if it's only anger. Usually all his emotions are hidden behind an apathetic and somewhat awkward exterior.

(I mean, okay, he yells sometimes but is that an emotion or a volume?)
@8-bitSilverSnake: He wants to be...

...decently adequate I guess, I mean there have been a lot of people and trying to be better than them ALL seems kind of difficult and maybe a little bit conceited.
The truth is...

...the little circle on my mask has really been a sticker all this time.
@KiraTsukasa: There are two versions of the symbol, and both are called a "swastika."

Either way, it was a joke about people making weird conspiracy theories about maps and other things that look like swastikas (like in Zelda) despite the fact that the symbol existed long before Nazi Germany and really had nothing to do with anything negative.
You'd think a rodent that can shoot lightning from its cheeks would be more interesting than a dancing radish but whatever.
I'd imagine Atty's battle sprite would probably be really boring.
*Ignores two millenia of history*
H0ly drew 3/4 of a swastika.

Guys, I think there's 3/4 of a conspiracy going on here.