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Welp, Atty's been discovered. Guess this is the part where he rips off his costume and recites the Rocket monologue. XD
After all the crap Atty's been through... I can't help but root for him. Never seen a protagonist go through with a heist before like this either. You can do it Atty! XD
I was going to take a side initially, but really they both have a point in their own way. The old guy's just being a jerk about it.

I had an art teacher like that in middle school, just the other way around. They viewed realistic art as the only art, and anything anime-esque wasn't art. Sucked the joy out of the class, they did.

...Makes me root for Atty all the more, honestly. XD
The best part of this is, unlike when Jesse and James make a bluff, Atty can actually back up his claims here. I'm looking forward to seeing this play out.

Also, love Atty's expression in the last panel.
I can already tell when this is all done I'll be hoping Articus will make a come-back some point in the future. XD
Admittedly, Articus does sound pretty cool when you say it out loud. XD
Did he draw all that on no sleep? And that good? I can't even imagine trying to do that myself... I'd end up messing up the lines and making the picture stupidly crooked.

Basically, Atty's quite the trooper.
Ug, I can relate to this. Especially the "people drawing all over it" part.

Whenever I was in the 7th grade, I liked to take paper to school to practice drawing, put concepts to paper, etc. At first it wasn't a big deal, but it was a school that literally had every grade up to 8th in it, and the building wasn't all that big.

Eventually, the younger kids started noticing. They'd come to me at recess and ask for paper, so we'd all end up just drawing together for the fun of it. They liked to show me what they made, would hang around me and just start drawing, or ask for tips. It was kind of endearing.

Then there was this one 5th grader.

Nice boy, but for some reason it never quite got through to him that you shouldn't draw on other people's pictures. If I left my art just laying around, I'd come back and find spikes drawn all whatever I just drew. He thought they made my pictures "cooler."

I told him to stop. He said he would. Then he'd do it again.

I ended up hiding my drawing supplies from him because, for some reason, he just couldn't help himself. If the drawing was just poking out of a hiding spot, I'd come back--bam. Spikes. Even getting reprimanded by a teacher wouldn't stop him long-run. This went on for a whole school year.

He had a younger brother who was into drawing, but he never drew on my stuff... To this day, aside from what he said, I've still no idea why this 5th grade kid was so obsessed with putting spikes on my pictures. So yeah. I can feel for the sentiment. XD
*reads alt text*

To your credit, they do this all the time in the show. For the exact same reason, no less. XD
I have to admit. With everything going on and Dragon Thing going solo, I completely forgot about that Eevee. I did not expect this turn of events.

Also, you draw the cutest Eevees. :3
The first thing that came to my mind: that's hilarious. XD

The second thing: if he needs to ever make a quick escape 'cause he's doing Rocket stuff, Venus might be his best escape ticket.
Heh. Atty's tired of the sass, I can tell. He's had quite a day. :P He's already snapped at George once (for good reason)... I hope he doesn't let his attitude get him in trouble.
I'm curious as to who she had been hanging out with that has an affinity for using the term "loser idiots" all the time.
Seems Atty found someone that's not a jerk for once. Must be refreshing after the cruise ship incident.
I'm wondering if seeing a Diglett is bring back bad memories for Atty. He fought one in his first gym, right?

...Also, I can never look at Diglett without thinking of that 'it flew up high' gif. Maybe that's what they look like?
He threw it in the ocean? Maybe fish ate that, too...
Heh. I almost wondered. Fish is back. XD

Which also means he got his badge back. Hopefully...
@Takeshre: XD Good one!
Gotta say, I kind of hope that lady from Team Rocket (I forget her name...) gives Atty some encouragement. It's getting hard to root for Atty to become a good guy, when all the good guys are jerks. XD

Makes me hope Atty stays a Rocket...
Into the sea! I almost doubt this is the last we'll see of Fish, though...

Especially if, you know, it evolves.