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Love me some good webcomics :)

Suggestions for webcomics off SmackJ:
-Go get a roomie /no idea how to describe but cute asf/ also very gay/ the art and story really improves like woah
-Leftover soup /slice of lifeish
-Grrl Power /Action/ comedy
-Dead Winter /zombie apocalypse/ adventure
-Headless Bliss /creepy-cute/ adventure/ stories and demons/ also cannibal
-Sfeer theory /magic??/ the gays ^tm/ mystery
-Wilde Life /mystery/ folklore, monsters, and 'monsters'/ sylvia is bae
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November 11th, 2019
I re-found this comic recently and I loved it as much as I did the first five times I read it :P I'm really glad that it's still something you're invested in!! Hope everything is alright and hope its not anything bad that's been keeping you from posting <3
This whole thing was super cute!! i love your art style and the story was lovely to read :D
Huxley is such a pure child <3
March 21st, 2017
Hmm as a prediction I'm going to say that maybe They were both friends with Ariel but due to Emmet's help with accepting the beauty of flowerpots, Ariel refused an experimental cure and died as a result of it?? It could explain Eugenie's apparent dislike of her brothers work, as it doesn't technically 'help' the flowerpots condition.
Came over from your insta :P loving your art in comic format :D cant wait to know some of the story behind your characters!
@Chocari: thats really sad actually :'( but at least he knows to direct is anger and Aida isn't going to get hurt :)
WILLOW NO that's not how we deal with problems!! Also what if the nice sister is in there??!!!
Yoooooo dude thats great news :) hope the second job and all that is going well!!!
Yay :D you're back!! I hope you and Baby are doing well :P
So you're coming back January??
@Mccull61: ***Arco**** oops ':D but if it did happen i have a feeling June would have something to say about it XD
Sleep little Brynn now don't you cry (u.u) Aaron's gunna sing you a lullaby :P (Also give you pizza)
September 30th, 2016
Awwww poor Finney :(
September 30th, 2016
DON'T YOU EVEN DARE ABANDON HUXLEY YOU CHEESE PUFF. WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING????? Unless you're going on the equivalent of a walk, then okay :) enjoy the moonlight >u<
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!!!!!! (Yesterday i know but shhhhhh. Tbh it is 1 am tho so you might still be on the 29th)
Loving the comic, as always!! Julia isn't the most subtle is she XD
September 14th, 2016
Phew ':D that could have gone worse :P
August 18th, 2016
uh oh, i have a feeling Mr Pony is a kelpie or some such ':s this may not end well for David and Petro... hopefully they'll be fine though :P
Poor Huxley :( at least you have your awesome sister and friends :D (also people who discriminate against you can go suck on a lemon cause you're freakin adorable) (and ripped) Nother quick question, are pet clawsers as smart as normal ones or are they bred to be more obedient/dumb?
That awful D: I'm glad you're not in that part of the world :) thanks for clearing that up though :D
omg ( ゚ロ゚) i just realised how insulting that is D: plz don't be mad at me >n<