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I like music, art, writing, and the sort. I make comments and stuff as well. Co-Author of the Black/White Fusion. I'll add more later.
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Already looking good! Just watch out for paw coloring. Panel 6 has the paw coloring, but Panel 7 doesn't.

Can't wait to see more!
"It's none of your bussiness..."

"I though it was none of my bussiness!!"
thought* business*

Great comic strip, though! Evil Darmanitan having fun being evil!
Just read through all this recently and I love this comic so far! I really enjoy how well you set up each character and the atmosphere of this environment as well. I look forward to more of this comic!

On a side note, that Dig looks like it really hurts...
The image is broken. :<
Is that a Deposit Box? That looks pretty good!
There goes Eve's hopes and dreams.
@PJSam: It got in the way.
"The wish of a pure-hearted child"...

Yeah, I'm seeing what Victini's planning here. He's cunning, that's for sure.
I swear, Myu's only purpose here is to get rekt. Poor girl.
Thanks, you two. :< I'm very much blind.
Wes is so evil! He littered on the ground! So evil!!
Christmas Tree Opal. So wonderful! <3
And then there's Dusk being angry with Dawn's new boyfriend that doesn't have a name yet...

Start the drama car! We're going on an adventure!
I thought it was Brick Break crushing a Reflect...
Welp... That's one way to waste a wish.
Panel 8
@Vaporeonrox: I'm not talking about Panel 9. :< I'm talking about Panel 8.

Panel 8 Says: "He can here you!"
Should Be: "He can hear you!"

And no hard feelings. :> You're just trying to clarify something, and this is my clarification back.
Eve's not the Rainbow Poop! Oliver is! The Jigglypuff got the wrong Eevee!
Small Typo
You wrote "here" instead of "hear" on Panel 8.

Wow, my comment on this comic in a while and it's about a typo. Yep. I should really just give a huge comment after this arc to show my appreciation to a great comic. >.>
Oh Hey, It's a Zorua!
I didn't even see that Zorua there before. Hey there, mysterious Zorua!
Darkrai: "What are you? Why are you spying?"
Mewtwo: "... I was digging for stones...?"