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I like music, art, writing, and the sort. I'm unmotivated to do art, but I try to follow every Pokémon comic. Well... Mostly. I try to go for the Pokémon-centered comics, or Pokémon being the main protagonist. Feel free to suggest any Pokémon comics to me!
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Aww, her first words!~
Yes. Anyway, good luck with figuring out what to do!
Good to know this artist knows the true evil that is Wooper.
Huh, so the crystals did sink in a bit deeper! I thought it was just my imagination!
But if they're both Pokémon, wouldn't that mean that sound would actually mean something?
@KirbyandPokemonFan: With a plea and a sneeze.
Really like that top-down view in the last panel!~ 3D perspective like that is difficult, but you did pretty well!
Ah, the mingle before the shipples. Polka x Skitter!~
@pixlyJolt: What can we say? We like Lucario. XD
Rune's face in the second panel is amazing. Such utter confusion.
@Superiority Emerald: Not news to us.

Leon's dad, on the other hand...
Unavailable Tyler Moon, I guess.
Using tired dark circles plus a mustache and you got yourself a bonafide artist!
"Everything's gone all warm and noodly."

Ah, Darkrai...
Awkward smile looks awkward. Very nice. XD
I'm pretty silent when it comes to the comics I watch. That's because I watch over 100+ Pokémon comics and counting. I don't really have much time to leave a comment, but I still enjoy seeing what gets posted by people who post comics.

I do enjoy each comic that comes out, but I'm quite silent when it comes to my commenting. Sometimes, I do comment on others, but they always turn out longer than expected. And sometimes, I want to leave a comment that's meaningful, but sometimes leaving meaningful comments on all these comics would be too much time wasted while I could be working on homework in college.

Anyway, I feel like others might have their own reasons of being silent. Some might not know what to say. Others are just lazy and don't think about leaving a comment and are just there for the art. But there are still people watching, even if there's no response. Just keep on moving if this is something you enjoy doing!
I think this is a milestone page too. So I think I will congratulate you on 50 pages!
Hold on... I think I see a difference... One's wearing a hat!
"It's none of your bussiness..."

"I though it was none of my bussiness!!"
thought* business*

Great comic strip, though! Evil Darmanitan having fun being evil!
Just read through all this recently and I love this comic so far! I really enjoy how well you set up each character and the atmosphere of this environment as well. I look forward to more of this comic!

On a side note, that Dig looks like it really hurts...