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Why are you looking at this? Are you stalking me or something?
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@Nell_is_MY_waifu: I'm doing fine, just talking to these guys, how about you?
Oh dear...
This isn't good for our young Protagonist; I can really sense that this is going to go wrong.

Also, is it an unspoken rule or something that council members need to have 'us' at the end of their names?
@BurstThrough: It's a little know side effect of being a dungeon explorer. After you gain enough experience, you will go through a process known to scientific folk as "Levelling Up". When you do that, each of your stats will have a chance of increasing, including your 'FAB' stat, which is responsible for determining your Fabulousness.
ありがとうご&#12374 ;います
A horrible life
I swear, if I was mewtwo right there, I'd pick her up with psychic or something, and then tell her my life story. Like, a horrible life? Lady you don't even know the half of it.
I know that this is your main ship

But is it wrong that I want it to sink so bad?
Gardevoir be like; Mewtwo, please stop hijacking my tutoring.
I like rugs.

I look forward to seeing a cat-rug in the future.
Go forward, main character, and take the mighty beast's scythe! That is definitely either a very powerful weapon or a plot-related item! With it, you shall rule all things!

Silly boy, don't you know that anyone who shows up early and tells you that he can explain everything HAS to be a bad guy? That's kind of how these things work.
C'mon bro why you gotta be like this
I just wanted to help him up. You saw me, I literally JUST gave him back the jacket!
Hey man
You dropped this. It looks important so I thought you might like it back.
That makes you dead now, right?
I know it's not the first thing that comes to mind in this kinda situation, buuuut....
If you died, it'd kinda be an inconvenience to the rest of us. just sayin'.
@Guest: We like to think of it as 'sacrificing Nell to insure the survival of the rest of the team'.
HEYHEY IT'S N! This guy is like, so bro. Like, I can't believe how bro he is. Even when he was evil he was bro. if I was Black, I would like, punch Ghetsis in the face and then be all like, BOOM, I'm here to rescue you from yourself. Also your dad, but mostly yourself.

But seriously tho, all hail N, king of New York.
Almost didn't read the 'list' part of Ker's sentence.

Ouch. poor ghosts.
"Are you hurt?"
"No I'm not hurt; my defense is super high because I'm a tank class OH WAIT NO, I'M A SQUISHY MAGE. OF COURSE I'M HURT."

- Future Caldwell
Wait what about that mission I did where he was all like, "I FUCKING APOLOGISE." and then Ninetails was all like, "Bitch, I'm not the one you need to apologize to." and then Gardevoir was all like, "Yeah, I forgive you. Also I have amnesia now."