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I'm a 16 year old emo kid! Lol j/k j/k. I have the emo hair cut though! My hair is dark brown and curly. I straighten my bangs. I have hazel eyes and I’m 5'5.5! I play hockey, softball and I fence.

I'm a big anime fan! X__X I don't think i could live without anime or manga. My fav anime right now is Loveless and Tsubasa. I'm a sucker for yaoi (lol puns).

I love to draw but I’m not really good... YET! I hope to get better! ;-; I also love to write and I adore music. My fav bands are Barenaked Ladies and Cake. If you haven't heard of them then tough sh*t. =D

What else can I say? Um... I’ve never finished anything in my life... so yeah... oh and-
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    Bailey MegRYAN
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September 1st, 2012
Oh no no no! My comment wasn't about he comic xD it was the fact that someone had their icon as Gloomy bear so to have that person feeling bad for Soki was kinda weird.
Its really weird seeing that comment coming from Gloomy bear.....
Vanilla you are my spirit animal. Your life is mine.

Fucking body hair >I
Adventure time is the best time! xD
I saw this and was like "HEY. It looks like adventure time!"

And it is~
The proper English for Jura in the 5th panel should be "I can't either! How nice of you to say that!"
The boss guy is reminding me of Kamina from Gurren Lagann...
Canada, BC, Vancouver

Do you so happen to live in Georgia? 8O Since my boyfriend lives there and his college starts up tomorrow (aka today) and I've never heard of classes starting that early anywhere else.
The proper English babe is not 'catched' it's 'caught'

8'D The page is amazing NONE THE LESS!!
Of course you are Jura! Biggest Sweetheart Ever! 8D Not as much as Herz though >w>

<3 that boi
Can we buy these are bookmarks?
I didn't see you at SC.
I was going to buy the third volume of HDSyn and that one you wrote with Sarah xD lol
Hnnn! Richard! So cute <3

And the horse blush! xD LOL!
Poor doggie.
December 31st, 2009
December 30th, 2009
More like New Years miracle poof ;3
Who's cigarettes are in the pillow? D8

>w> hrrrrrn I luv Vanilla x Jura. I so knew you shipped them together.

OH NO SOKI. Gunna get raped. o-o

hnnnnnnnn Herz is eating christmas lights, + he had a mustache drawn on his face >w>
Awwww Herz your hair >w> *pets*

Did She steal Floor 13 art work/ designs? I'm confused. She took art and then posted it on a mule account to get attention? Or did she just steal art? D8 What's DD?