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Well i like reality show like big brother and survivor and I'm into acting and singing
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Oh lord we're in for a mess and I am here for it
Can we please have Kade as a jigglypuff at tribal council? Please???
Feeling Jeannie did that for more than to just fuck with Kade but really anyone fucking with Kade is enjoyable
I honestly knew this was happening maybe i read too many fan series to realize that this was coming when the merge was so early

Nice to know Cutiecat isnt getting the boot this episode though, hoping it isnt Jenny though but she may just be screwed if her tribe goes to tribal, which seems like the case since i see that tribe losing in the near future.
Nice use of the medium coming back after dying thing ma bob that town of salem does

I love when prejurors go off their rockers
So spooopy Jeannie you better run!
Now we need to get rid of Kade and we're good
@SWSU-Master: But the producers told... its still... SWSU YOUR COMIC IS BROKEN
Isnt what Kade's planning game altering?
Josh in the 4th Row 2nd Panel is literally me when I don't want to evolve my Riolu because Riolu is just so cute and adorable to evolve

okay pokemon nerd aside, Tony suffering <3 Cutiecat, Jahira, and Josh benefitting <3
Everyone wins yay!
Okay i love comic sans though why you do it dirty?

But okay yeah bye Quickscope probably the only one who didn't like him personally even though everyone loved him because he was so hateable.

Tony is slowly losing respect for me, like I like Josh but Tony like no bad dog stop being cocky as hell.

(My reaction to someone who i dont really care about glad shes gone)
U-uh... b-but 21st castaway? Are you insane? O-o
Well I mean medium's curse? May not be first one out but first one out of the tribe :p
Jeannie always amazing, like seriously I love her, her sense of humor is great

Jenny messing with Ollie... This is going to go terrible I can already tell

Can't wait to see what conspires at tribal :P
Jeannie just got Karped