Well i like reality show like big brother and survivor and I'm into acting and singing
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@Tailslover13: Haha Josh you slay them haters, I'm so glad you got what you wanted :D
Tialayla just went up
She fucking dragged Rosella and defending the already adored Riley haha I love her <3
LMAO I love this comic Oh i love Iyzebel an Tialayla such a great duo.
Lake can you go fuck off? I fucking hate you

and Eli and Cassidy just need to stop
Liking Bradley more this season more then last season which is good and Doris and Bradley are relationship goals

Riley is the UTR person that I love so no change there

Im probs the only who likes Iyzebel but like I hate her fuck boi boy toy good god.
Oh Nice
Originally i hated Vinnie when it came down to the seasons he was on but this one I kinda like him and I always liked Thorne so I like this duo :)
Im so fucking ready for this season :DDDD ive been waiting forever
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: I know this is off topic but OMG I JUST NOTICED YOUR PROFILE PIC IS GUNDAM <333333
@Robolax7: lol yeah i won:D
That mistake where the color bubbles are switched on Zachs question are messing with my OCD :S
Obvious winner is well obvious way to go Dustin
As I see more people want him to win Im like "Well I was first" lol jkjk but I really hope he does win. If he gets voted off it will be obvious that Taro will win but if its between Shaega and Dustin well itd be more interesting since both have major highs and major lows in the game that could win them or cost them the million so I hope Dustin and Shaega final 2 even though I love Taro I love not knowing the winner then stating the obvious one more
@Guest: Thats why Im having mixed emotions

Taro is known for his kindness and sweetness but now hes becoming evil Taro for these last few days one of my fav heroes turning evil D:
Oh god Taro is going to go the cheap way to win which I have mixed feeling because Dustin and Sylvia are what I feel like a final two and if Taro wins immunity its mean bye to Shaega :(
@SWSU-Master: in the next newbie season so are you saying next season is returnees?
Sadly I want Shaega to win

I know im crazy
I really hope but some magical force Dustin or Sylvia go home but sadly I feel like one of my favs are going home
@arv0908: Alright Mary of the comment section of these comics hate on the people whose different then you (Not just me being a cat)

I find Shaega entertaining and fun so how about you can just leave

If you dont like it fine stop reading the comment section and enjoy the damn comic then attack people for no reason other then they like someone thats not the popular consensus
@I_Like_Blondes: Lets see some of the jury who vote based on strategy
@arv0908: Can you just fucking stop it isnt necessary to attack a guy who likes characters you dont

You dont need to fucking hate on him for liking Dustin I like Shaega you going to hate on me for liking him?

You need to learn to sit down and stop over reacting to someones comment and personal opinion