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Well i like reality show like big brother and survivor and I'm into acting and singing
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Okay i love comic sans though why you do it dirty?

But okay yeah bye Quickscope probably the only one who didn't like him personally even though everyone loved him because he was so hateable.

Tony is slowly losing respect for me, like I like Josh but Tony like no bad dog stop being cocky as hell.

(My reaction to someone who i dont really care about glad shes gone)
U-uh... b-but 21st castaway? Are you insane? O-o
Well I mean medium's curse? May not be first one out but first one out of the tribe :p
Jeannie always amazing, like seriously I love her, her sense of humor is great

Jenny messing with Ollie... This is going to go terrible I can already tell

Can't wait to see what conspires at tribal :P
Jeannie just got Karped
Honestly love this just everything about this comic i just started dying of laughing
Well Slash beat his original placing GG (at least thats what im predicting)

Glad to see him back though he had potential that sadly got cut short so I cant wait to see how he plays this time around now that hes matured and stuff
Well I'm glad Charity got the boot and not Tony since I really enjoy Tony. I had a sneaking suspicion AmaAsshole had an idol and turns out I was right. I'm glad Charity left tbh because Tails is right since her type usually does make it far. So far this tribe is my fave since i like everyone on it except AmaAsshole, but like you have to have a villain that everyone loves to hate because of how douchey they are. Great first episode can't wait to see more.
I love Jeannie nuff said
Oh lord...

I love Derek, like he is that kinda of smartass you just love because he literally knows how to use it instead of being a bitch

Quickscope is like annoying but that's his character and it's quite entertaining

I'm sensing a Jenny and Derrick alliance going on possibly which could be interesting to see
@SWSU-Master: We just need a season called Survivor Game Breakers where everyone is allowed to break the game
@RedBeryl: Pupper2Wolf is my next SFC application :P
T you are a very sneaky cat :P (Like myself even though people voted me out due to size :c)
T is probably lying sadly :c although she is playing a great game
Now I just imagine Vinnie coming down on a cloud singing any One Direction or Backstreet Boys song
@Tailslover13: Haha Josh you slay them haters, I'm so glad you got what you wanted :D
Tialayla just went up
She fucking dragged Rosella and defending the already adored Riley haha I love her <3
LMAO I love this comic Oh i love Iyzebel an Tialayla such a great duo.