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Punk Freckles
lol bye
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words cannot express how much I missed this comic, I opened up smackjeeves after ages and saw this was the most recent update and AGH I LOVE
after all these years
Jesus these hiatuses just keep coming. I have a two week sleep away camp starting on Sunday that doesn't allow electronics, so I'll be missing some update days. Four to be exact. Only connection to the outside world I'll have will be letters and phone calls (if I'm motivated enough to wait in line for three hours xD) Sorry for those of you trying to pick this comic up, but you'll have to wait a little longer! I promise once I get back updates will be more consistent.

Side note: Haply 4th for all the 'Muricans!!

@Riaya : I'm so glad you do!! And thank you, I'll try lol ^^
@jnrnikki : thank you!!!
Man I procrastinated on this one. Speech bubbles are a little neater this time, thanks to a suggestion from a commenter. You know who you are~~

So as you know, the four Hikaru's form a band. I decided that as a fun little audience participation activity, you guys could help recommend songs for them to do. I've got a couple in mind, but I've also been meaning to broaden my music horizon, so even if your suggestion doesn't make it into the comic, I'll be sure to give the song a listen if I don't know it. Their genre is alternative, punk, and/or indie rock, leaning more towards alternative. Examples of bands that would fit include: Fall Out Boy (who I actually just saw in concert on Saturday- AMAZING), Vinyl Theatre, Young the Giant, All Time Low, Cage the Elephant, and the Beatles (because why the fuck not, amiright?)

You can leave your suggestions in the comments or in my pm box, don't matter! I'd just like to get some ^^ Thanks for reading!

@Ilovelukey : I don't know if there's one on the theme but if you go to the profile there's a button ^^
@Lena-Presents : yea boiii
Another apology
Okay, so I know I lied about finally getting back on my update scehdule, but there was a, uh... family crisis. To put it in the least. So I was away from my tablet. I hated not being able to update you guys on what happened, but I figured it would be better to just get back on schedule ASAP and tell you guys what happened when I posted the page.

Also, if you look closely, you can tell how the amoutn of effort I put into this page slowly declined with each panel... but shhh. I only had like two days for this and couldn't waste time making everything perfect. Yeah. Let's go with that that sounds good.

One more thing: me and the boyf are having a little trouble with finding a good font for the text, as well as how we put all of it in. (if you know what I mean ~~) Feedback on what looks good and what doesn't would be much appreciated!!

Anyway, thank you to those who stuck with me through this, and I hope you enjoy my comic as much as I enjoy drawing it ^^
@Lena-Presents : Thanks, I'll test that out next page to see how it looks ^^ and yeah, but it's kinda hard to tell them apart already xD (as you'll see next page the only giveaway is eye color xD)
@witchknox : That's what I do whenever something weird happens. Imagine how weird it would be though to search that sort of thing up xD
@Riaya : I do too... I just have to find a good way to get it in there without sacrificing page quality ^^;
@ceyec : yesss comedic success
I'm so sorry for the wait, but I've finally got everything sorted out and I'm ready to start posting pages again! Thank you all for your patience.

Regular updates will still be Monday and Friday, but since I wanted to get this out there ASAP I'm posting today (Tuesday).

Also, I've been meaning to reply to the comments, so I'll start on that now! I really appreciate the support so far. I was worried this would get like no attention. I read all of your comments, they're so sweet and motivating for me ^^

@Riaya : Yay!!!
@raikua : OMG SAME
@ceyec : aww you too <33
@emmybanana : neither can I!! (also, love your profile pic <3 pugs are my life)
@MiaBeecraft : thank you! I'm glad ^^
@SAO.AxM.zwy : I'm glad you're enjoying so far! And thank you, it really means a lot that it's not a terrible style for the comic!


*muffled screaming in the distance* BANG BANg
May or may not have an update on Friday. Complications involving a new colorist/mom deleting stuff that shouldn't have been deleted... basic craziness. I hate to take a hiatus right after starting, but that's life for you.
where's the bæ
blanket burrito

So, I'm not alone in the process of creating these pages. My boyfriend serves as the typesetter, storyline assistant, idea-giver, and motivation for me. Not to mention the inspiration for Hikaru's personality and character design. Also gives me cuddles and reassures me that I'm not a sucky artist when I lose motivation.

Also thank you to the guest that left a comment on last chapter. Made me really happy. ^^
am I the only one who went back to check and see if Yuu was indeed on both pg. 42 and pg. 92
I'm surprised anyone showed up. Welcome to the first page of FourWays (the name was taken so it's not the official name yet but it will be) the gay band comic about a guy who becomes guys plural. Yup. That's it. That's the comic.

Updates will be Mondays and Fridays!
I smell jealousy
and I thought I was early last page. wow. and haikyuu is literally my favorite anime omg thank you this made my day bless
same, hiro, same. And I'm technically supposed to be doing a science pamphelt thing, but my gaybies come first. so here I am. whoops.
I'm crying hunter x hunter omg yes
Punk Freckles
April 20th, 2015
1. I like it spicy 2. I think you're cute 3. We should head the bedroom and spice it up a but, cutie~~~