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Star☆Wish- HIATUS (More likely forever but...who knows? :o)

La Partita- Ongoing.
Claude. Not so fond of angels :|
Gaaah, excuse the ghetto gray shading, just dun have time anymore to use tones.XD;
haha enjoyed drawing Claude's face like..that oops lol
Busier times are coming so that's why updates are slower than before. ^^ Though still trying to put out pages in a regular basis. Thanks to the all the followers so far btw ^o^
yay Rem page finally lol ^p^
Oh my, haven't commented much. xD;
Oh yeah, thanks for the comments so far! We really appreciate em! ^^
Child!Claude ^q^
Title page. o/
Ah finally, it's began...xD LP's been mine and Nami's lil baby for over a year now so glad it's found the start. Will be posting the first pages in the following days.
Ahhhh!!!!! *D* that's just sooo cute omg~~~~
finally some update XD; Uhm...nothing much to say about this page...just played around on tones and stuffs.
haha Ed haets work too XDDD go go!
love love your toning. *___*
haha *slaps forehead*
thanks, I'll change it later 8D
uwah you draw/tone so good ;w; and I like your story so far~~ can't wait for more!
I really like your comics!

And blushing!Liam is sooo cute. ;;o;;
Thanks always guys!!! ^^

@kimakitten: yes I do. I've been inking digitally.

@shiroh: yep Phil! xD; and my area is extra flood-prone orz
It took me long to do this page cuz we got flooded(house in disarray blah blah blah) and I was only able to use the scanner again today. @_@;

gah, still need to learn to tone.(or making comics in general P:)
@Kiddou-chan: They should be around 9-10 yrs old here. ^^

@TomoChan: yeah I did everything with oC and I'm not really that good with toning with it(thus the lack of actual toning here xD;) I prefer PS.@@;
uwah thank you guys! such nice comments. ^o^

@Witch Girl Pilar: No, I only used opencanvas. ^^
In the beginning, there were... shotas.

^^; Took a while to get this started bah...*gets distracted by other stuffs* Will try to update in a regular pace. (I dunno about the speed though OTL)
Cover! 8) I tried to finish this today thus the rushed coloring and all.
Happy Yaoi(801) day! 8D
And wow almost 60 fans already thank you guys! ^o^

First post here, just a quick promo/filler pic lol 8) This two will be the main charas of my manga namely, Yuuta(brown-hair) and Ren(dark-haired one).
For those who haven't read the description yet, yes, this will be a BL manga so homophobes be warned. 8)

about the pic: yeah I guess I made it too bright. I should start learning to draw night pics srsly. x3;