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Let's see what should i put here, oh i know,

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he 'live, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread. - :D
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Sorry, my computer is making me angry and i'll repost the page when it's edited. Oh! and thank you all for faving! :D
I LIVE!!!!!
Yes finally i have been able to update. Now to start my project due monday...TO THE LIBRARY!

P.S. - sorry about the last panel, its horrible and not updating D:.

Thank you for all your support!

: X
1- Herz tripped, fell, and died into an endless ditch and lived by having his eye caught on a branch out of no where...

2-that or i've gone completely crazy

-let go with #2-
Thank you Remmis and Rayray. And yes Remmis this zombie of a comic live.
Too much?
I think i over used the gradients, what do you think?
This is an awful page, i wish my cat would have eaten this but he didn't, it's sad. T-T now it shall burn your eyes from the ugliness...DX
:O that must of hurt!
loves <3
I've just finished reading the whole comic and i love it! The story and the characters just draw me in like crazy! i would have faved it but I've done so already! :)
February 3rd, 2008
Nya, even though (as others have said) yaoi is very popular, a good story line still attracts many readers with or without it. So as long as it's good, i'll stick either way. :p
February 1st, 2008
Nya, love teh prespective! its amazing! and the banner is awesome :P!
January 24th, 2008
Nya, love the page!
the last panel is funny :)
nya, i love your drawings! i wish i could draw like that.