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I'm currently reading Honey Hunt on Also one of my favorite mangas of all time 'After School Nightmare' is pretty obscure and the last volume came out in English about two months ago.

Zoshi seems... depressed.
Abhor, such a lovely word....
I don't know... if a shifty looking fellow followed me home from school my parents would jump for joy. Hmmm, I get a feeling this plan won't turn out in her favor.

As for cons I've only been to Anime Central in Chicago, it's not extremely big but its getting bigger every year. My experience with cons are to expect the unexpected, you never know who are what you're gonna see.
I'm always up for a haiku or two.
I'll be attending Acen, I'm going as Mia Fey from Phoenix Wright games.
My goodness, so many bricks, that must've taken forever.
And here I was just going:
"OH! Snowball has the same birthday as my little sister. And she would always call her cat Snowball on Catz! What a co-! Oh...there goes Snowball..."
Lovely as always. Poor random background character that we'll never get to see.

It made my day to see these up, bravo!
September 8th, 2007
Ah, I'm starting to understand how this is all working out.
Aww, is that a little Namine there in the corner? I'm totally digging the hair.
Love love loved the fanfic. I'm really enjoying the comic too (went back and read it a second time). I love how you've simplified Sora's hair and made it more realistic. Also love the hidden Mickeys.

Anyhoo! Favored it and thought I should inflate your ego a bit. It truly is lovely, keep up the great work.