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I once told my sister,"If you can't stand the heat, then make me a sandwich!" because it would be rude if I told her to get out of the kitchen. Luckily, she understood but gave me a painfully unappetizing knuckle sandwich, my least favorite of any sandwiches.

It tasted like blood and shame.

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Then I must be the first to ship HeartxSpade. 8'D

Aha, Joker makes me laugh. I've always loved his cards. They're pretty~

...JokerxHeart. x'D
He reminds me of me. Lol, wtf.

I actually do get bad stomachaches from stressing out so much (and thinking of ways to solve a situation if it were to happen), so I took a yoga class for my spring semester at college. 8D

Feel better, Spade. You're getting there. <3
Geezer looks like he'll rip someone's head off. 8D
Ookami, that's so cute! xD
Alexander's eyebrows in the last panel.

...It amuses me.
Hehee. The lumberjack from LRH. <3
Oh, I have a question (actually, two).

Where do I submit fanart/fancomic? I adore one of your characters a while back and decided,"Hey, that guy didn't get enough spotlight." Then afterward, I made a fanplot comic; it'll probably span a few pages.

With respect, I will credit the characters as yours; however, considering the length of how long it might be, do I create my own webcomic page dedicating the fan comic to this story or post the pages here where it belongs?
Ichiro would be a pretty adorable uke.

He reminds me of Ishida from Bleach. O___o A perfectionist, uptight (a bit), could be a probable spazz. Aha.
I liked the lumberjack better. He had better intentions than the wolf, which was only to seduce the boy.

But hec, Red's an idiot. And drunk. ._.