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O hay thar <3

I used to make lotsa webcomics but I've hidden away many of them cause they're old and embarrassing.
Sorries. 'u' (but it's really not too hard to find them if you try)

October 28th, 2013
@TiuanaRui & @Render: Thanks you guys! <33
October 28th, 2013
@SmackJeevesNinja: Oh?? *searches SJ* Goodness you're right, oops. I could stand to omit nuzlocke from the description then?? haha
Thank you. :>
October 23rd, 2013
Unfortunately things have gotten busy so updates are likely to be late. Sorries!

Ruuun oka ruuuuuun
October 19th, 2013
@Metric_muse: fffff I'm so glad to hear that.
And aw it's alright! Just wait 'til the plot twist, it might not go down too well lol.. ;;
Thanks so much for the support. ;u;

@SmackJeevesNinja: Ooooh my gosh thank you anon!! <3
(although it's not a nuzlocke in the sense that I didn't play a game with it, it's just a story!)
I really appreciate your interest and your kind words, thank you so much. :')
October 16th, 2013
@Render: Thanks! I hoped I wasn't overdoing it with the textures. :>
October 10th, 2013
People address the concept of animals in the Pokémon world in different ways, and this is mine.
October 6th, 2013
♪WHAT DOES THE--no I won't do that, no.
October 1st, 2013
@Render: m'aww thank yous! ;u;

@rollingpeach: THANK *rollson* <3
yeey I been workin on em. c':
September 30th, 2013
@rollingpeach: HEHEH yes indeed >u>
September 30th, 2013
ruh oh, someone's about to say something mean!
September 28th, 2013
@scottpilgrim: Thanks man! :>
September 27th, 2013
Wakey wakey... >u>
Damn your linework is nice. <3
I love the first panel and all its dramadramadrama.
The Director is such a great character to draw. x'D

Yeah, it's not making a lot of sense..
Don't panic, it'll all make sense eventually. (sort of)
For now just enjoy clown-ness. 8D

Unless you're coulrophobic..

I truly do hope I get better with backgrounds. xD;;
First actual page!

Poof. o:
Hello and welcome! c:


Please don't eat me. xD;;;;;
College is draining my life away and my love of this fandom..
HOWEVER it was renewed the other day, so I got all inspired to work on the pages again. c:

Woo! \o/

Please read left>>right.
Random update tiemz. :3

Please read left>>right.
Yes. Sorry for the incredible delay. =3=;;
But please don't expect regular updates just yet. This college stuff is sure taking its toll on me. xD;

Please read left>>right.