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Heyyy kids, I'm Cody.
My username is a typo for PrinceYaoi, so eh yea as you can probably figure, I like yaoi. Also I draw a lot and may or may not make a lazy lil comic sometime.
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@Jashi: Thanks, and no. B)
Hello! u v u
Ebu and I are still currently working on revamping the first 4 pages. Once we finish those, we'll start updating with more comic pages, in the same quality! (linearted, colored, shaded)

anyway, thank you for almost 100 fans. It means a lot to us, and we'll do our best to please.

.... //lazily scratches ass

ye, we'll see you guys with more updates soon, I hope!
there there, don't be ashamed. u can go far, kid. //pets Adam

Honestly Adam isn't my first character with dyslexia. But he's the first one to let it limit himself, I guess?

Also 22 fans, wow. Where do you guys come from and what do you want from a loser like me? Do you have a nest somewhere near? HA.
Adam is probably the type who'd think Frankenstein was the monster, and then he'd be wondering why everyone else got something about people. (hint, in case there's more Adams out there: Frankenstein was human and a scientist. He was the creator of the monster.)
October 3rd, 2014
lmao told ya I would add a cover. I'm such a reliable guy... I guess... //lazily scratches ass
i promise i'll upload the cover later. ugh... time to go buy lube, bye
I'll upload a chapter cover later. My dad is gonna pick me up and take me to the mall. and im gonna buy a strawberry tart and lube.

also this will be the laziest webcomic ever seen on the surface of earth //lazily scratches ass