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Hobbies: Cartooning, sculpting, reptiles, music
Occupation: Librarian at a university library
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    Amy Hankins
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Thanks! Wow. I stopped posting here though--I'm housing the comics at DrunkDuck now:
I just liked that community better. Thanks for all the comments, and glad you like the stuff!
Why...thank you! It's much appreciated!
No, I'm American, and don't worry about intruding...The Ants are British though! :o) Thanks for stopping by!
Ha! this is great stuff. I love your style. The vibrant colors make it very attractive, and your facial expressions rock!
First group drawing of all the guys...they're actually playing instruments!
This established Terry Lee as the Oddball of the bunch. He truly has some weird ideas...
Those naughty Ants...
This is the first Antcomic I ever drew. I drew it way back in February '07.