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Oh shit, he a smol boi... or she a big girl
This is why I just buy my gas and bounce
I would never eat my own dog, but if it was an apocalypse and food was scarce I'd eat some random stray too if it was a choice of that or starving.
I mean yea. In an apolyptic scenario like this, ya do what you gotta do. Doesn't means he's a bad person lol.
I love how everyone is making that guy out to be an asshole, but really he was just trying to stay alive lmao.
"In Key Manati, our police force doesn't discriminate based on race. They kick the shit out of everyone equally!"
This whole situation is purely the result of sexual tension how much you wanna bet?
THOT means That Ho Over There. It's a meme my dude.
My profile picture is a THOT Patrol badge. Do you genuinely take anything I say in an online comment section seriously?
Somebody get that man a blankee and some coco.
Five dollars says Rudy and Todd are gonna fuck at some point.
Oh dude it's the orange bitch, star of the show!
April 20th, 2018
Always stay positive kid lol.
@ByTheBook: Someone already made something similar. It's called the Bug A-Salt. It's a rifle that shoots salt.
Raccoons with machine guns. There you go.
T e e n a g e P r e g n a n c y
I swear to god if the detective doesn't shoot I'm going to be sonoissed, she had a clear shot.
I'm sure she'd get along well with Noah. I bet he'd remind her of her father!