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Now you can make yourself look like a giant floating penis and run through streets screaming at people!
It be like that sometimes
August 7th, 2018
Man, shit got real dark REAL fast
Those injuries ain't gon be fake for long son
Oh shit son, who gon die for this?
Rest in Spaghetti never forgetti
Took an old trope and gave a unique little twist and interesting story. Nice 👌
You have to make 49 payments
Each payment is $14.99
734.51 rounded is 735
You're paying $735.00, plus tax and shipping for this abomination against humanity.
Rest in Spaghetti never forgetti
How unlucky do you have to be to be shotgun blasted like that? Lmao
He's a MASTAPIECE that's who!
o shit son
July 4th, 2018
@JohnDoe: The Flash can bend time or some shit with how fast he goes I think. Pretty sure he could like... destroy the world or something that way.
July 4th, 2018
@Redluffy: A mastapiece
Rest in Spaghetti never forgetti
How much you wanna bet they're gonna try to have sex with it
Oh shit, he a smol boi... or she a big girl
This is why I just buy my gas and bounce
I would never eat my own dog, but if it was an apocalypse and food was scarce I'd eat some random stray too if it was a choice of that or starving.