Wait, so you're saying you DON'T want grotesque bio warriors...? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?
They should implement a feature where if you main Hanzo, your machine bursts into flames.
@Koren: kys
@Deonis: I hope you die for that
i love you for that last panel.
So close and yet so far....
July 8th, 2017
RIP mah nigga
@Guest: heh heh remote
Couldn't Smegli get in that way? Didn't he used to do that stuff all the time?
Nigga's just here to do business and they pull this shit lmao. This probably outside of his pay grade.
This is why you have the gun.
Hey, the man takes pride in his work. Get off his back!
goddamn it
o shit ma nigga gon die
@20njackman: Very early in the comic, within the first 20 pages
Life lesson of the day: Always keep your gun within arms reach!
TFW one of things brought up in the trial is how Izzy hordes firearms
@20njackman: why the fuck you gotta do this to me nigga
That's fair.