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Quite a few down in Alabama, actually
His hearts in the right place at least
We’ll just file that under “Necessary Expenses”
Do it for the pizza
May 16th, 2019
Tinder’s not the place to find love. It’s where you go to get dicked down
Have you considered that it may, in fact, be time for slime?
“I’m like mommy!”
“Meet Willy the Wendigo! Careful though because he does, in fact bite!”
@Candy2021: I mean, clown fish turn into females so they can breed with their kids so it wouldn’t surprise me. In an related note, I hope this fact ruined Finding Nemo for you!
@Candy2021: His penis is showing
@Candy2021: It’s a mantaray my guy, methinks it’s a boy
@Guest: pretty sure it’s a boy, based primarily on the fact that Glasgow didn’t censor the nipples
I don’t think he’s the right one to be going to for this kind of advise, kid
Truly perfect for each other
Such a naive girl. Don’t spoil her innocence!
@Xylas_Incarnum: Too easy, this ways more fun
Thought you were smarter than that Ricky
Well, he needs to get blood to his dick SOMEHOW
She took the time to change out of her clown costume and makeup into a suit. Is nobody going to address this?