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Hello internet! I make comics and read comics, because that's what a lot of people here do. And on that subject, my first ever comic on the website looks like a piece of crap and I'm building up a buffer of comics that actually look nice. I hope you enjoy them when they exist!
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>It's time for a montage of the main quest. But a really fast montage.
I don't really Shadik.
This cave is actually getting sort of ominous.
@MasterComic: Yeah, I got that. It's fine. And I won't lie, it ended up pretty funny so I guess you succeeded.
@MasterComic: I'm not the one who writes the comic (obviously) but I for one feel that suddenly accelerating to 25,000 mph would have been funnier.
But hey, at least I forwarded the plot. And you make this awesome comic in the first place.
@Ultimate Yoshi: But if you hadn't gotten rid of those we would never have had magic floating candy.
>Make sure that after you're done doing whatever the heck you're supposed to be doing up here (do you even remember? I sure don't) you set off on a sidequest to find Elon Musk.

Because it didn't work the first time.
@BattleStarX: For a Slender-Dee, it's rather wide. *drum sting*
@BattleStarX: Now that's too spooky for yer Granddiddy.
@BattleStarX: Oh yeah. Forgot about that.
As I said in the comments of your TOR Sith video, the Author Doo needs to use Force Lighting at some point.
I wonder if you can hide in other people's speech bubbles. It would certainly be an effective strategy if it worked.
This is worse than a squorsh, isn't it.
I wonder when Murphy-Dee'll show up again.
@BattleStarX: Nah, we could read it. Like just four pages ago he said ( I quote)
@BattleStarX: Well, as everyone knows, talking is a Free Action-*shot*