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The Rishkea, good? Evil? Or something else. :D
Yeah Bay's not that original for when it comes to choosing names. She gets poked for fun later on because of that XD.
Everyone has secrets....
Hope everyone is well. I've been rather unwell. The dog literally bullied me out of bed for the first time in my life. Lucky she's cute. :D
Bay could be a little bit obsessed....
Sorry for the late upload. I decided at the last minute to completely change the text on this page. You may recognise a not so new face here. :D
Lagustin loves stirring his pack mates up. Particularly Alat who is usually so happy and cheerful.
Introducing Bay who will be playing a bit of an important role in the Jackals story. This is the last block of text.
As always a bit thank you to everyone out there who takes the time out of their day to read my comics. :D
Only one more page of description text to go. Then you'll meet one of my favorite characters. :D
And with that Saluna made her decision. :D
Sorry this is a bit late uploading. I was determined to finish the next page in Saluna's comic so I had something to upload.
So welcome to chapter four! The introduction of the Jackals. The story will get a tad darker from here.
And that ends chapter 3. Not my usual 100 pages but I'm not going to drag it out. Next up is the Jackals! :D

Hope to see you all next week as the story continues. Thanks for staying with me for all 275 pages!! You guys are awesome!
Lincel wins this argument. :D
One last page to go for this chapter. There won't be any specials splitting this chapter from the next like I've done previously. I'm just going to jump straight into number 4.
'Just because I want one' isn't a good enough reason to have a child for the wolven. Parents are harshly disciplined if they neglect their woflings.
We are back. Holidays were great. Sadly I'm back to reality and have to go back to work again. *sigh* such is life. I hope everyone has been well! I missed you all!

I've finished the next two pages and have done quite a few for Saluna's comic, which has updated so please check it out! While planning out the pages I realised I have almost finished this chapter... like there's only three more pages after this one and it's done. The exciting thing is it will then swing to the Jackals which I've been really wanted to get to for a while. :D
Sticey can be one scary person. Sindi and Lincel are going to come head to head in their struggle for authority....

Unfortunately I couldn't manage to finish the next page before I flew away, so there will be no update next week. I do have a few days to myself when I get back and I'm planning on working my butt off to get caught up with finished pages.

Take care everyone I'll see you all soon! :D
Well looks like Wind might just get out of this alive. :D

Just to let everyone know I'm off for a holiday very soon! YaY! There will be a update next week but I won't be able to reply to any comments.

As always though thank you to everyone for reading my comic!
Scuvener and Flanix are down poor little Wind is next.
@WiispNightmare: I think that's how many of the wars on earth keep going as well. It's sad. :(
That's gotta hurt. Sticey's odd abilities causing Scuvener all amounts of trouble. :D
@WiispNightmare: Nope. Not a clue. :D