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Alat gets some bad news
The first look at who Shaneek is. :D

Saluna's comic has been updated! Be sure to check it out. And as always thanks for reading!
A smidge late uploading this. Those who fail so miserably don't usually come out very well after Relark's done with them. XD
In the depths of desperation hideous things can happen.

As always thank you to everyone for taking the time to read!
I plan to try and work on Saluna's comic to get it done (particularly after the long break I had with no updates) There's not too much more to go. ^.^
A few extra meatsheilds never hurt anybody. :D

Saluna's comic has updated so make sure to check it out.

As always a big thanks goes out to all you people who stop by and read my comic! ^.^
A huge risk.. but we all know it worked out. ^.^
The evil characters being...well evil. :D

I've been having trouble with my scanner and didn't realise until I was halfway through colouring that it had cut off about a cm of page. Not so bad unless it's a text heavy page like this one. XD By the time I realised there was no going back! So this page is a bit smaller than the others.
It's been a looooong time since I've updated Saluna's comic. (sorry!) I have no excuse but laziness. But I have finished the next page already so there will be an update next week. :D
@WiispNightmare: Talons are good! :D
Sorry about the missed update. I had a friend unexpectedly pass away, so wasn't up to working on anything.

I have updated Saluna's comic which is long over due! Please go check it out.
Meet the Sagress. The cause of many miseries. It took me a while to get his look to a point I was happy with as this is the first time I have ever coloured him. And I have to learn to maybe put my speech bubbles in before I draw up a heap of detail that I'm just going to cover up. :D

As always a big thank you to all those who take the time to read my comic!
The title of this page perfectly describes the Sagress. A creep and probably the most dis-likable of all my characters. :D
The Rishkea, good? Evil? Or something else. :D
Yeah Bay's not that original for when it comes to choosing names. She gets poked for fun later on because of that XD.
Everyone has secrets....
Hope everyone is well. I've been rather unwell. The dog literally bullied me out of bed for the first time in my life. Lucky she's cute. :D
Bay could be a little bit obsessed....
Sorry for the late upload. I decided at the last minute to completely change the text on this page. You may recognise a not so new face here. :D
Lagustin loves stirring his pack mates up. Particularly Alat who is usually so happy and cheerful.
Introducing Bay who will be playing a bit of an important role in the Jackals story. This is the last block of text.
As always a bit thank you to everyone out there who takes the time out of their day to read my comics. :D