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@WiispNightmare: Thanks I will. Glade you like the fire sprite. It was really fun to color. ^.^
A first look at a fire sprite. :D

A bit of news, I have decided to take the rest of the year off just to take a bit of a break and because it's been pretty crazy. I'll continue to update the first week next year so stay tuned!
As always a bit thank you goes out to those who vote, comment or just read my comic! Have a great holiday everyone I'll see you next year!
Fex, cool and calm in all situations. :)

No update for Threan's comic again. It might have to go on hiatus until the beginning of next year. I'll keep chipping away at it until then!
As always thank you for taking the time to read, comment and vote!
Fex makes his reappearance and Scuvener isn't far away from freedom. :D

No update for Threan's comic. The closer it gets to Christmas the busier I seem to be! As always a huge thank you to those who vote and comment!
November 11th, 2017
ShinShancy the god of wind doesn't like to let go. ^.^
November 5th, 2017
Well my computer had a major disaster. The liquid cooling system leaked and killed my graphics card and mother board. So instead of a Christmas tree I got half a new computer. So I had to pull an all dayer to get this page finished. (Which meant minimal house work - the shame!) :D

Anywho the appearance of a rather large dragon is enough to shut anyone up - including Riafinn. Threan's comic has also updated so be sure to check it out. A big shout out to those who take the time to vote and comment! I'll see you next week! :D
@Triforce Fandom : What? That I finally uploaded or Alat actually caught up? XD
@Triforce Fandom : Lol! One of my favourite moments in Dragon Ball Z :D
A rather low blow from Riafinn, but she wasn't kidding when the only thing she inherited from her father was his looks. She has the famed black ash temper. :D
Apologies I haven't updated Threan's comic for ages. Good news is I'm starting to ink the next page as we speak. XD
We're back! Threan's comic has also updated so feel free to check it out!

As always a bit shout out to all those who take the time to vote and comment! ^.^
@Triforce Fandom : Dragons can manipulate their size, so that's just the shrunken down version of her actual size. It's just more convenient not to have a massive dragon wandering the corridors. :D
@Triforce Fandom : I'm not familiar with ave g.
No update for Threan's comic. Sorry! There might not be any update for Shattered Skies next week as I will be away for most of the weekend and that's when I do most of my work.

A big thanks to all those who vote and comment! :D
@nanga: He had a collar put on him by Zanilex when he helped Flanix escape. Wind Foxcieans weakness is that they lose access to their powers if they have what they call 'heavy contact' Certain metals or if someone other than another Wind Foxciean gets a hold of them renders them practically helpless.
Scuvener makes his re-appearance.
Rillix, while talented in the art of spell weaving, doesn't have much power.
Well it's been a while since Threan's comic has updated. Hopefully I'll get back on track! :D
Back on track and chapter three begins. Scuvener's jail break begins!
@WiispNightmare: I'm fine. :D Still have to sort a lot of things out.