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I like to draw manga. Cartoons rock. Yeah.
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This is fantastic so far! I think I'll try not to fall off the wagon with this one. :D
And look at that HAIR! Man, I can never pull of curly hair on my guy characters...
Love this layout.
This looks so pretty, Sol!! Wow!!
You're still getting better at drawing. Keep it up. Soon enough, this comic will have some pretty good artwork in it. You're improving very quickly!
Your panel LAYOUT looks great. However, try to get the lines parallel with each other...its a little odd looking...Moreover, dont make your lines so heavy and dark, its very difficult to read.
Your backgrounds look pretty damn awesome though. Great job on that skull...thing. :)
Your comic has a really good, unique style. I like it a lot.
Your art has improved so much, guys!! The story is making a little more sense...kinda.
you're doing so great!
No fair
You're D: Why arent you working with a real publisher?!
Your characters are so cute. But I think you should slow down the dialogue a bit...its crowded. I make the same mistake sometimes but, its something to try and avoid. :)
Oohhhh man. I cant wait to get in the part of DS where the dragons appear. I havent drawn a dragon in soooohoho long...v.v
mmmmm...gore is my favorite...
IIIII Found you on my own. :)
Tis BlizzCom from DrunkDuck.
I use smackjeeves a lot more, so I am glad you're here.
>D sweet cover.
You're way too good to be drawing pokemon fanart. I sure hope that you have something of your own. You should.
Backgrounds=IMPORTANT. Never ignore bgs. White space=suck.

still nice coloring. But you should really be careful with anatomy. Its an important thing to improve on.
I really like all of the vivid colors. <3
is this the last page? ._.
OOh! You know my comic that you read SOl? I started it in 2003!! Yay for old manga!! XD