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@collaborational: that kink is exactly why all reinflating shall happen off screen.
Little do they know...Ross is fuckin dead.
Shamas and Chamas are deeply in love
Ross looks good in reaper colors.
@TimeSceo: Is this the first time copy has been shown with his dick out? I feel like it is...
Is this the first time copy has been shown switching abilities? I feel like it is... this the first time we've seen atty smile? I swear to god it is.
Any page with rex is a page with rex. And any page that's a page with rex that's a page with rex is a good page.
they're in love
mute and hoods vaguely unremarkable adventures in blank world

i might make more of these

probably not though.
i'm almost disappointed in myself for recognizing so few of the characters murdered.
that's the universe i want to be in
@Ultizeta: I would argue the point of a straight man is more for the inherent comedy that comes from their reaction than a character for the audience to relate to and I felt like tails was able to fulfill that roll. I also think the way you're describing satire is more just how political satire works. Satire doesn't need to be about something important for it to be satire. Satire is really just about mocking what the writer see's as flaws. Making a point by showcasing the situation to the extreme or displaying it ironically.

I do definitely agree that as a parody tusb failed, and want to be clear I'm not really trying to defend it as a comic. And like you said comedy is subjective, and to be honest I don't find a good portion of TUSB funny anymore.
There's a lot here that I do agree with, obviously the comics visual style was way to inconsistent and you are completely correct in guessing the reason behind that. A lot of it was written very early on and you can kinda clearly see me get bored with the plot I had planned out.

I think my main point of disagreement, and it's probably my fault if this doesn't really come across in the comic but the point of TUSB was that it was meant to be a parody of sonic, but more importantly a parody of sonic fan culture(specifically like, in sprite comics on SJ.) So my intention was to take the general ways people would characterize the characters in other comics of the similar genre, (Sonic is cocky, knuckles is random wacky and stupid, tails is straight man,) and push them to there absolute extremes. Even the use of void was meant to be a jab at a lot of other comics that would have randomly there despite the fact that there's no good reason.
Honestly I can easily see how this intention doesn't really come across in the comic and it's kind of a weird intention to have. It's sort of lost in translation as a lot of people probably didn't even read the sorts of comics I was parodying and at this point none of them even exists anymore. (making tusb the winner by default >:D) And at the end of the day if a parody is simply just a thing that's doing the same thing as what it's parodying does while rolling it's eyes it hasn't REALLY succeeded.
And obviously by the end of it I was just tired of the whole thing and wanted to give it a silly ending for some semblance of closure and as a bit of nostalgia trip.

The point that there isn't a straight man is an interesting one I didn't really consider, I sort of always considered tails the straight man because despite the fact he was total sociopath I sort of felt like it was understandable considering like, the way everyone around him acts, but that could very easily sort of undo him being the straight man.

In the end I am entirely grateful that you reviewed my comic and put so much thought into it. I'd doubt anyone in the universe has ever spared this much thought on TUSB besides the two of us. But yeah, thank you for your time! And sorry for never commenting on the original review.
the next page is gonna be called breaking out calling it now
Tekno and sonic have great banter.
@Mister Sunday: Yeah that's lookin good.