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Ren Fowl
And now I'm back.

From outer space.
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it's Yeenoghu!!Demon Lord of Savagery!!
god you're so valid scratch. sonic goes super next

review the entirety of 8bit blank world plz & thank you
@Consonance: Loving Vriska is his one redeeming quality
Vriska Stans are the REAL oppressed...
Thank you all for reading blank world. This is a canon update and also the best update of all time.
Thank you all for reading, this is the final page of BW.
Oh yeah. Had kinda forgotten she did that.
@Punchy: A part of me wants to photoshop that picture into existence
The nature of blank world is very confusing. How do people keep digging holes and burying shit? Is the 'Void' just a layer of white over normal dirt? For that matter where the hell do people get materials to build shit?
I've lost track of which one is which.
Rex's friends have really bad luck when it comes to running into spyder
absolute U N I T
I don't actually know who that is either. I guess they're dead now.
Let's give him a round of applause everybody.
Zero and Ryoku ask the hard hitting questions.
-sans from undertale
@Shard: If your goal was "wide recognizably to the audience" choosing an existing actual cartoon is the exact opposite of what you should of gone with. There are plenty of people who have not watched or read one piece.
If you wanted to communicate that Moleman was empathizing with her as a protagonist you could of just as easily gone with some sort of traditional heroic imagery like a storybook knight or what have you. Using an established cartoon is going to alienate people who have never heard of the cartoon and seem really fucking silly to a lot of people who have.
Also the implication that wise old man mole is a big anime fan is real weird.
I just cannot comprehend what could of possibly lead you to use one piece screenshots for what was meant to be an emotional page.
reminds me of my old man.