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I'm a software designer in Boston,MA who enjoys wargaming, painting, good food and better beer.
Necromunda, ahhhh!
Hello again! Happy to get to post another comic this week, though if you were keeping your eye on the exciting Necromunda news you may have seen my work pop up in the shop! For a bigger version of those images without the borders, I uploaded them to my tumblr just this past week. Hope you guys enjoy them!

Out of everything that's been released this past year, Necromunda's what I'm most excited about. Klovis the Redeemer is what helped get me into 40k, and I'm dying to bash together an undercover inquisitorial squad. My local friends and I already have Plans. Space Gang Plans.

Also, have a full-size version of that page so you don't have to squint at Holt's tight script.

<img src="" width="100%">
@Gonfrask: Talon might not be too eager to agree!
@CMET : delivered!
@Montagnard: Dan Abnett apparently describes how to make it thusly:

Brew a pot of tea
Empty the water out of your coffee maker
Dump the tea in the coffee maker reservoir
Brew coffee, using tea instead of water
Enjoy your recaff.
The end result of this is that you end up with a super-caffeinated beverage, combining the two limbs of the evolutionary tree that both produce caffeine. Recaf ends up tasting somehow like both, and yet neither at the same time. Regardless of which one you think, it will still unfortunately make all coffee you make from now on taste suspiciously like tea.
Oh, and shout-out to GalooGameLady for letting me steal her bab for another quick cameo, and to Misslol for the same.<3
I could use a caff-priest at the moment too
Hey guys, ya'll have probably noticed I haven't been updating like usual. Pardon my lack of activity, I've been pulling 70-80 hours weeks between day job and night job. 90% of the work done on this strip was done by dragging myself out of bed earlier than usual to go work at it at the coffee shop so I wouldn't feel guilty not plugging away on client work.

On the other hand, you might have noticed some of my work on the new Shadespire site, so that's super cool! With any luck you'll be seeing some more of my stuff here and there, and comic updates. The next while's going to be a little rough for me, so expect me to be a little infrequent- but that said, Richard only just came up for a visit to properly flesh out the next chapter, and we're both really excited to get it out there. When is the only question.

To those reading this, thanks for sticking around! It's always the highlight of my week whenever I get time to work on this project. I do miss this particular weekly toil.
@Kaliphon: I've removed your comments as per what I stated above, and I welcome you to contact me at if you'd like to discuss further. Trying to keep comments 40k related.
Hey Angel, Metal Commander, I've removed your posts for the reasons mentioned above. I'm totally taking responsibility for starting it considering I mentioned the protest, but as I mentioned just above, I don't want this to turn into a place of heated debate. Not that I agree or disagree with you.

As always, you're free to contact me at
@Dave: Hey guys! I appreciate the dialogue. While I don't agree with Matt's assessment of me he's entitled to his opinion. But I don't want the comic page to become a discussion on politics. I only meant to state where I, personally, was going to be. I welcome you to email me at if you want to continue, but I'm going to cut it off here out of respect for having a last bastion of escapism and the rest of the folks on my team who I can't represent.
@Lord Inquisitor Fleischmann: Holt is an old word for township, so you're going to find lots of pictures of rural cow milking activities.

That said we certainly couldn't help ourselves either.
@Hatfylld Människa: I make exceptions for fish.

Orks however... now there's some boyz who know how have a good time.
We saved you the trouble
<img src="" width=100%>
I mean, there's repressed, and then there's just unhealthy. (This is actually in the results, we looked.)

Some other news: While our comic may be a safe bastion from the chaos going on in the world around us, things are less tidy here in Boston. I'll be amidst the counter protesters showing up at the commons this coming Saturday to remind our visitors hate isn't welcome here. So wish me luck.

In other news, things may be rocky on the update schedule until mid October. Things are still in the air, but if you guys saw the diagram at the front of the make blog Warhammer Community published the other week (second part's out by the way,) it's a bit like that again. So wish me luck AND sanity.

But on the bright side, holy shit! New warhammer RPG coming out!!! YES!!! With the same cool dudes who made the last ones fantastic too! We can't wait!

In any case, I look forward to getting to finish the rest of the chapter. Things just had to slow down when I got to my favorite part :c
@Magical Zombie!: Whooaaaa nelly thanks for the heads up, and sorry about that. Closed the link.

AFAIK, she closed it herself a while back. I guess a porn blog snapped up the url :\
@Lord Inquisitor Fleischmann: narrative explanation: because he's half Atillian and this is his first time in the sun, so he tans quickly.
Real explanation: He'd always been 'dusky', but after I'd heaped all the shading layers on it was too subtle to notice, and it wasn't until page 21 that I made a pallet reference sheet. Everyone kept changing until then.
We need your Grimdarkest recipes!
All kinds of cool things going on this week with more hustling on the way. Good news means you might seeing some other neat stuff from me, bad news is the comic might have to be every-other-week for the next couple posts depending on how things go. Which stinks, because we're getting to one of my favorite parts.

But hey, the work I did for Warhammer Fest went up on Warhammer community as a two part make blog, check out the first half here!

<img src="" width="100%"/>

Also, in the meantime, we've started on our booklet project for next year, click the image below for details!

<img src="" width="100%"/>
It's time for good news bad news!
Good news is there's another neat thing I'm working on at the moment, bad news is the strip will need to take a break next week while I juggle work and side hustle.

Even more better news, the long retired Troops section is currently being redesigned and re-scripted and it's coming along well. Gonna be all slick and responsive and shiz. Aw yeah. Expect an update in a week or two, side-hustles/work allowing.

And finally, for one last bit of good news- I've finally come up with a great (belated) something-or-other to both celebrate our 101th page and keep next week occupied with some good fun. Tune in this time next week on our facebook page for more details.
@artemi: Only War idea: Escorting Lord Inquisitor Attenborough of Ordos Xenos through Tyranid infested territory as he soothingly informs you about their nesting and mating rituals.
Talon: Hey, there's still Korolis, Solar Mariatus, Kalisus and that shit hole Prosan. And Kasr Holn! That's where I was trained. Cadia's more than Cadia Prime, yo. I take offence to that!
Talon:And guardsmen come from Uranus! Huh huh huh.
Mum, where do techpriests come from?
Mars, of course.