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Well Shit
Just looked up Demisexual and took a quiz...I just might be one...mind is blown
I love how Kimrick picks up the bag of chips Kylee was looking at! :P
It's great to have you back!
Aww, he really doesn't want her to get killed
They all look great but Itztli looks a bit more manily than the other (who look great)
February 3rd, 2014
@Quadrant: Agreed
Love the story and love how your art work has developed! Keep going you have a great set of individual characters
1st woot
What did he find?!?
Love it as usual and that last panel is a great gift
My birthday was the 16th so this was a nice gift :)
Comment virginty is mine ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
I win first comment!!! Love the story from the start
woot! love the quick updates thank you for that and have love the comic since i started reading it when it was only the second chapter:)
Steals comment virginity
Ooo best friend is back in town, can't wait to see what happens
You almost got me, but I then remembered you had done this once before. Evil in trying to scare me like that though...1st comment woot:)
Dang i need to know what happens next. dang got second in commments, so close to first
Woot I stole comment virginity
I love the sleepy Kaori...and i really don't like the evil Murdoc look alike guy thingy
Inspiration beam GO!!!...thats all i got for now but nice page and can't wait for the next update
first comment woot
yea thanks so much and great page *drools + nosebleed*
You are such a tease and not just with Murdoc but with all of us...its porn but so little of it T_T
yay for sexy men, can't wait for the next page;P