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pretty jodye flacko
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I must say the re-done pages are definitely looking good, might have to binge read the whole comic again once you're done just to see all of the improvements overall
@lawlessearth: Fair enough, keep up the good work and once again I'm glad you're still giving signs of life lol know its sounds dramatic but i've read so many comics where the author just stopped updating and went M.I.A (not criticizing them, I'm sure they have their own IRL stuff to take care of).
Glad to see you're still re-doing the old pages :D
Btw is there any way to follow the progress, just so until you manage to reach the last ongoing chapter if you're thinking of re-doing all the pages till then
They finally did it
they managed to break Lasse
I'll be waiting here for an update don't worry :D
What the... how... why did this... man we're starting off this good lol
I can't recall the last time a restaurant I went to provided comment cards
Even thought I don't comment alot I always try to check the comic regularly, keep up the good work, loving the storyline so far!
His face on the last panel says it all lol
I dunno, the health inspector looked interested in those options (sarcasm, we all know Greg fucked up)
This reminds me too much of my family...
Who was May?
But... I use cups too to do that :(
Cmo'n Richard, you can still rebound from that.
Aw hell naw not this bitch again.
Is he really surprised? His poker face says otherwise
I'm going to re-read this chapter because you probably left some clues regarding Greg's age.