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What the... how... why did this... man we're starting off this good lol
I can't recall the last time a restaurant I went to provided comment cards
Even thought I don't comment alot I always try to check the comic regularly, keep up the good work, loving the storyline so far!
His face on the last panel says it all lol
I dunno, the health inspector looked interested in those options (sarcasm, we all know Greg fucked up)
This reminds me too much of my family...
Who was May?
But... I use cups too to do that :(
Cmo'n Richard, you can still rebound from that.
Aw hell naw not this bitch again.
Is he really surprised? His poker face says otherwise
I'm going to re-read this chapter because you probably left some clues regarding Greg's age.
Well yeah but now you either get Corbyn or Faragel, so it's still a mess nonetheless
I think this is the first time I've seen Haven so mad
When your game is so impeccable all you have to say is you're employed.
@Shiori-Tsumi: I'm starting to think he's a demigod with a time-travelling machine