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The old Evil Plan account. Any questions or comments regarding the comic can be PMed to here, or to Alexis and Megan's accounts.

(By the way, Alexis used to use this as her main account, but now she's using one titled with her own name. So if "Evil Plan" has stopped commenting, but "Alexis_Royce" has started, don't worry, you haven't lost a fan. ^_^)
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With the last Thanksgiving comic, Megan's coloring returns in full glory! I mean, geez. I'm in love with the colors in this page.

Heh, and speaking of affection, looks like something's catching...
November 21st, 2008
My roommate has been trying to make me eat some fruitcake that she bought at the store. I've avoided her successfully until this point...but for how much longer?

Please don't forget to vote! This week's incentive is a little different. Alexis is working on a new one-shot comic for art class. If you vote, you'll get the URL, where there's already 4 pages and a cover up!
That's what it takes to garner Kinny's respect. The undying affection of someone close to him, and the moxy to risk your life just to not hurt their feelings.

Please don't forget to vote!
November 21st, 2008
He totally acts like a banker. For real.

Please don't forget to vote!
November 20th, 2008
Wait, what's going on? I just turned away for a moment and missed it.

Anything important happen?
November 17th, 2008
Fantastic! I finally caught up.

Of course, that means I spent the day reading Mortifer instead of drawing Evil Plan... *Innocent whistle*
November 17th, 2008
Everything is just collapsing around Joey. :(
November 17th, 2008
Out, damned spot!
November 17th, 2008

*Needs a nightlight to sleep tonight*
Don't worry about Alice in that last panel. It's not important to the story or anything, but I'm pretty sure she's just taking advantage of being captured to have a nap.

Please don't forget to vote! ^_^
Perhaps it's best that Kinny's sister doesn't know how he uses her cooking.

New vote incentive: this year, a couple readers cosplayed Kinny and Alice for Halloween! *Tears of joy* Vote using the blue and gray TWC to see them in all their supervillain glory. ^_^

Also, the next comic update will be on Wednesday.
Sorry about having these up late. I'll get the next two set so updates will be guaranteed on Sunday and Wednesday of next week.
You heard it right. Kinesis's real Stanley Alfred.

And in case you need a refresher, this was the termination clause:
Well to be fair, the last time Alice was left alone without supervision, she burned that place down, too.

Yes, we are going to meet Kinesis' family. Wonder if they'll be anything like Alice's imagination...

Please don't forget to vote using the blue and gray TWC button above!
And thus the minions are outfitted, set to work, and subsequently abused. Welcome to working for Super Scientists: not only will these Supervillains use you for amusement, their *computers* will too.

New vote incentive; some fanart by Boz! Please click the above blue and gray TWC button to vote for Evil Plan and see the art. ^_^
Just one possible reason why minions are...well...incompetent fools. It's specified in the job qualifications.

As always, you can vote by using the blue and gray TWC button above. New vote incentive should be up in a bit, but we'd appreciate it if you'd vote early anyway. ^_^
October 12th, 2008
Kinesis needs to learn a new way to get employees. Don't minions have a union or something he could contact?

Thanks for all the great questions last week, guys! Kinesis had...well, at least a decent time answering most of them. Those who did not irritate him may be spared when the conquest begins. ^_^;

New vote incentive this week; we have some fanart of an entirely new sort: sculpture! To see it, please click the TWC button under the comic.
YES, triumphant return! The cover looks seriously fantastic; the departure from your comic's regular style for realism instead works really well.
October 4th, 2008
Look, one Kinesis is seriously enough. I am not having another around here.

This page colored by Chelsea Capobianco (chibisilverwings), as a bit of an audition to help out. I think we've found ourselves a good standby color artist, don't you? ^_^

Kinesis is still answering questions in the vote incentives this week. They change every day, so you'll have to use the excellent gray and blue button above to vote each day to read them all.'ve seen my ulterior motives for the voting by now, haven't you?
I'm incredibly happy to hear that the comic will be continuing. I've actually been talking about it with friends lately, as I've been worried. It would be a shame for something with such great destructive power to end so soon. >:)