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Dawn teh eevee
Hiya! I'm Dawn teh Eevee! I like pizza, art, pokemon, and making my sims do weird stuff on the Sims 3. Someday I'm gonna evolve into a glaci- Sorry, that was the actual eevee. I really just want to be the best pokemon trainer ever... and eat pie! Anyways... I am a pokemon trainer, and I have a team of 3 eevees (or however you say that), a glacion, an umbreon, and a jolteon! All the things that Dawn said I like are true... and HOW DID SHE GET HERE, SHE'S STUCK IN THE FOREST OF TIME! Um... sorry? Anyways, please look at my webcomic!

Dawn: meep...
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That's it.
I'm done. Not with this comic, but you probably won't see any more updates from me (not that they happened often)for a while. I need to practice using Among other things. And the other comic I was doing was deleted because I don't think I can do it.

I'll come back someday.
Because everyone loves pickup.
@BattleStarX: Complete madness is the best kind.
...All of these sound awesome.
@RyoSoulreaper: Exact definition of "grudge" right there.
My dogs don't make good pillows D:
@Jarkes: WYNAUT ZOIDBERG? (because Zoidberg and this comic already has pokemon references anyways...)
@Vilecheese: Well yea, but he was asleep.
And no, there are no pigs.
@Guest: You just increased the chances by 75 percent! And it was at 25 percent before you said it! DANG IT!
@Itoshii: And you have to admit, Team Plasma's speeches ARE criminal. Speeches that long and annoying are things we shouldn't have to listen to.
@MecanicalCH: And he does.... its so cute :3
"I remember waking up next to her for some reason." O-o
"And that's bad, right?"

Yes, very bad. Very, very bad.
He kinda reminds me of bombman... ._.
I think they're talking about the trio.