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I'm an otaku who LOVES Yaoi. I'm basically just making this account to comment on web comics easier
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How am I so happy yet so sad at the same time?!? 😭 I've been following this since the beginning and it's so bittersweet to see it end. I'm glad they got to stay together but I'm so sad Arco got kicked out. All-in-all this is a wonderful story, Mads. Def a fave! Keep doing what you do with PB ✌
Sand Guardian
@WarriorNun: Poseidon quivers before you!
@yasha.queen: Arco is Jesus confirmed
Arco! Russel! One of you must give the crouton mouth-to-mouth immediately!! (I may low-key ship Brynn and Russel rn, #dontjudgeme)
@Mccull61: your comments give me life
Brynn: *internally freaking out*
Arco: *internally hazy*
You know, Brynn, you're the one holding the dick, you kinda had control over the aim...
So apparently the last time I checked Arco on my phone (I usually check on my laptop) this was the page I was on. And going from Brynn blushing just cause Arco's touching him (platonically) straight to the handjob currently going on is a kinda funny jump
Yes, Arco, he did just
Lol, Arco's the one getting the handy and Brynn cums first?
@Mccull61: This was the wrong week to lose my card and get kicked from Patreon!
@Mccull61: "The goddamn stud is blue!" (Sorry, I had, too)
My reactions:
first 2 panels: Oh my God! OH! MyGod! It's happening! Yeah, it's heavy ;D
next 3 panels: OMIGOD, IT'S PIERCED!!!!!
last panel: *ROFL and squeeing* This is amazing!
I love how they haven't even kissed, yet they're going straight for a hand job
I know I said this on Patreon but my feels are being stretched different ways right now hnnnng
I'm going into protect-precious-Crouton-mode anyway! Cause he's crying! You can't make the crouton cry!!
I feel Brynn on this page. Having no idea about any of the subject material, feeling the impending F, and wanting to cry out of frustration. I've been many times
Absolute beauty
Where's Brynn's necklace? Or can we just not see it with that shirt?

Anyway, safe travels and have a Merry Christmas!