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I'm not what all to put boyfriend shared the link to the Rain comic and here I am...I'm a bit of a manga freak-(is that the PC term for that?) I've been reading LFG/Tiny Dick Adventures, Beserek and The Walking Dead. I had started TWD a long time ago, but i never managed to finish it...I have seen the show but i like the comics better...even if it doesnt have Daryl's hotness in it ><

I guess...I can be rather shy at times...but given the fact I'm a social butterfly and will talk one ear off and work on the next...its kinda confusing ><

I'm 25 and would rather write than draw-only cause I'm not good at it..and when I do decide to draw its sketches that dont go anywhere..or I start to write in Runes and have to figure out what the hell I wrote ><
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i would hope he got promoted with the Chaos. I love the play on words and this comic. Thank you SOOO much for making it!!
YESSS!!! this is bloody brilliant. thank you for making it :D
if i could draw as well as i could write, i would gladly draw you something. however, most of what i draw are random doodles, a fox's tail, a cat face...nothing Rain worthy. but i have been checking Rain everyday, I don't want to miss anything :)
back in 5th grade (which was the last time th DARE program was in schools)...they gave us books to look through..i used to draw red squiggly lines on the eyes to make them look stoned... >< i was a pretty weird kid too. :p
my boyfriend shared the link with me at the beginning of this week. you are absolutely stunning :)
you are absolutely gorgeous!