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Gr33tings 3arthl1ngs,
1've got 4 w31rd style of 3xpr3ss1ng mys3lf, y3s I kn0w,or n3v3rmind, just c4ll m3 cr4zy 4s long 4s y0u comm3nt my c0m1c!
Dr4w1ng, th4t's right, perhaps still 4n amateur,h0w3v3r,I still think th4t my st0ry-t3ll1ng r0x and 1t's 0rig1n4l t00! S0 g1ve 1t 4 try, 1t'll be like 4 sweet br0wn ch0cl4te p1ece m3lt1ng 0n y0ur t0ngue
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I reall Luv your comics!! How about making something about missingno?:O
Layton!!!! Can't wait for it to evolve!!!
This is the best cover page I've ever seen!
Aha nice didn't expect a zangoose! But why the "mature content"?
5 stars all tha way!!
Wow nice prhase really professionally said Keep it up I'm this
You draw great, you are really original, your storytelling is also awesome.
However, you're bad at one thing, and that's promoting your comic. How is it possible that you only have 21 fans??? Anywayz I'm definitely this keep it up.
Awesome page!
Aha! There's that sweet little torchic!!!
Wow, you need to start your own comic-_- waste of talent I'd say... And the shiny torchic is adorable!!
lol it reminds me when I first battled the rival trainer at viridian city:D
Awesome artwork, don't worry about the number of fans, you"ll get at least 100 I'm pretty sure of it, and you've just got one more!
December 5th, 2009
I really like the way you draw those eyes :D
niceee, keep it up, don't quit like the others-___-
can't wait for it!

Do you have a specific time in mind when the 2nd chapter will be released?
Btw, great job on the banner!
banner sux-_-
It's very nice, no offence but to be honest, the banner sux, you should get a good one that fits a cool comic like this;)
I wasn't planning to read it because of the banner.
This is the first pokémon comic that has a real story, I like that!! Can't wait for your updates:D:D

*++ adds to Fav*