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Paradox Rogue
I make comics. What else do you stalkers want to know?
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Back to updates, my few fans
Thank you, I got carried away and forgot because of CHA LA HEAD CHA LA. If you have seen the series, I thank you good sir/ma'am. (made by me) ->
English Translation to alt text
No matter what happens, I feel like it’s no big deal!
Just as loudly as my heart pounds,
The Genki-Dama roars...Sparking!

Diving through the sky on a roller coaster (coaster),
I fall into a paradise of panic!
The scenery turns upside-down and I cheer up (cheer up),
’Cause the mountains even look like butts!

There’s no time for worrying,
’Cause there’s a suprise hidden somewhere, and I wanna find it!

I’d rather have my head be empty, so I can stuff it with dreams!
With a smile that’s Ultra-Z,
Even today is ai-yai-yai-yai-yai...

No matter what happens, I feel like it’s no big deal!
Just as loudly my heart pounds,
The Genki-Dama roars...Sparking!

Thanks to Quirby64_:D for reminding me to add a link. Let's give him a round of applause!
Very handy
This makes a great Iphone wallpaper
The shortening
This was cut to be shorter. The real thing (not in quotes and based off of the Japanese sub): Whis sees that Beerus's alarm for waking up is out. Beerus doesn't want to wake up, as he usually sleeps for long periods of time, but this time taking a nap for 39 years. Whis threatens to sing, and Beerus wakes up. He says he had a dream about a "Super Saiyan God", with Beerus noting that he thought that the Saiyans died out due to Frieza's attack. Beerus then asks where Frieza is. Whis says that Frieza was killed by a Saiyan who has reached the Super Saiyan form and that there are 5 remaining and only 2 are full-blooded Saiyans and the rest are half. Beerus says that that doesn't matter, as 39 years prior the Oracle Fish predicted that a challenge will come up with equal power as his. Beerus cannot wait, and asks where the Saiyans are. Whis replies that one is at the Northern Kai (King Kai)'s planet, while the others are all on Earth. Beerus groans at the fact that the trip will take 20 minutes. They depart.
The reason for this.
I felt like I wasn't updating enough so I decided to give you a couple of these in a day. Stay tuned for more!
A small note
This webcomic doesn't quite have set days for updates, though I can say that it will remain updated more than before.