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hey, I had some part in this, its a conspericy I tell you, everyone forgets my part in this stuff...

sigh oh well
If you cant say something nice then say it anyway, nice things are the things that need being said the least... as for vash what about your insesent posting of things you drew in paint? also I remeber one flash animation which was stupid squiggles irraticaly moving over a page...
the reasons
ryuken wasnt breaking any current rules with the kitten thing. But smith was by spaming the boards with herassing pm's between them.

Izzy lost his powers because of me. me me me me me. I insulted someone, a one warning worthy offense. He warned me five times, three times for the same thing once for being athist. that was a really classy move.

well anyway, Ish out
No mention of me? I took the picture and craer is wearing my hat...

but anyway merry non denominational holiday!