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I go by many names on the internet, but here you guys can call me Maladaptive. I love to draw and make comics.
I currently have 2 comics in the work.
Drowning: Currently stopped. Will be redone later
Cyber Crush: An overly self aware satire
September 15th, 2017
He proved it.
you guys had to wait a year just to learn the "popular kids" are just as big of freaks as our protagonist
Look who's back and better than ever! Be prepared for more wacky zany adventures with Jesse the catfish, and his love for the charming, yet air headed, Chane! Expect a new page any day now...
This is the longest I've gone without an update. I hate having to say this but life sure is a blockade. That break did help me with this comic though, funnily enough.
Being able to distance myself from this comic, I was able to see the flaws. Seeing them didn't make me want to give up though, instead motivated me to improve. But I knew I couldn't improve if I worked as diligently as before. When I first started this comic, I had a backup of 80 pages which I would set to post every 3 days. As this queued out, I was working on this comic every second I had and making sure to create one page at least every 3 days. When I started my second comic on a whim because my friends thought it would be funny, I tried getting that one to be a page a day. In turn this comic's updates began to slow down. The queue ran out and updates became less frequent. Life began to pile up too both began to suffer with their updates.
All my free time revolved around my comics. I wasn't too upset by this, as comic making was my passion which I had done all my life, but I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. It felt like I was making things for a small audience, and at that expense impairing my skills. So, once I was too overwhelmed by the dual demons of life and responsibilities I stepped back and took a break. In this break I was able to get things in my life back on track and improve them. In my free time I continued to draw, but instead of drawing my comic I drew whatever I wanted to and was able to be more experimental. There's this problem comic artists face that I didn't know about before, where if they focus on their comic their art does improve, but just becomes more refined version of their style. It's not allowed to grow past a certain point. I realized that had happened to me because once I started drawing for fun my art style surged and in a short time I was already miles ahead of where I was before.
Even so, I never gave up on this comic. I always wanted to come back because I had a story and characters I loved and wanted to get out. I don't think I'd ever truly abandon this comic.

This is probably the most personal I've ever gotten online, which isn't even that personal and is missing many parts of the whole story, but I just wanted to touch on some truths of comic making and how even though it's for fun it can hold you back. #realtalk
This is very much the cover that didn't want to be made. I've been randomly working on it these past 2 months and loathing it, all for the site update which still hasn't come so... yay I got it on time?
At least now I can make pages again gosh darn it!

Special thanks to my GF for giving me the cover idea. She wanted it to be as symbolic as the chapter 5 cover haha.
Looking back on it, this comic is bizzar
For the upcoming site update
October 10th, 2016
@Guest: I'm glad you're happy, I'm getting back into working on my comics so those long waits between updates are unlikely to happen again
September 23rd, 2016
"Deep water"
Bun dun tss
@troblsomtwins829: LOL well, we all have our flaws ;P
I finally <strike> Got off my ass and made a page</strike> found the time to update!

I'll.... I'll try harder to update from now on........
Yes, I'm alive... OTL

Only true Cyber Crush fans know Juan
I'm getting so bad at updating mow. I work so much i've barely touched my computer.
My donor subscription ran out too haha oops, i'll fix that later
Last time I updated I got a text from my friend saying "Oh my god what is he wearing?" and I didn't even need to ask-I knew exactly what she was talking about.
@KWG10-M to look thirsty means wanting someone or something really bad (in a sexual way most of the time)
Finally, I update
@Hoagie yep yep
Lol any of you know that app called Episode? That one tumblr mobile advertises non-stop? A friend of ours actually went and made an entire new story using that app! If you search cyber crush in it you can get access to a whole new story approved by Oreogayer and I! I strongly recommend it for anyone who wants a good laugh.

Also I'll try to update this more.... sorry.
It took me way longer than necessary to make this page... I'm not even that satisfied with it :/

One of the downfalls of entering the adult world, suddenly you're always busy!

But... I did end up making a page after a few weeks.... so credit where credit is due.

Disincluding club T-shirts and field trips which would cover most of a schools official clubs, a gardening club would require funding for it's seeds, pots, fertilizer, etc, and from experience I know that a ceramics club would require LOTS of funding due to how expensive clay, glazes, pottery wheels, and kilns are.

So yeah

they need funding